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I'm guessing another eBay special sale some time this week. Most likely tomorrow or Wednesday. Perhaps, next week. Of course, I could be wrong. Get ready to list, list, list!
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Originally posted by leahyrlw:
Well, it just hit the wire and it's like adding insult to injury. From what I gather, is "Spend extra money on upgrades and we'll let you have it at 50% off:. Am I missing something here? Somebody please tell me I'm wrong and somewhere in there is a 10 cent listing day that I've missed.

Nah, that's not our sale. That's eBay Motors. I don't sell cars, do you? Our sale is coming. Get ready!
eBay Motors Parts and Accessories is holding a one-day 50¢ Insertion Fee sale on July 11

ours - not so great of a sale Frown

July 10, 2006 | 04:59PM PST/PT

As a special offer to our sellers, we will be holding a two-day 50% Off Sale for the following listing upgrades on the site:

Home Page Featured
Featured Plus!
The 50% Off Big Upgrades Sale starts on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 00:00:01 PT (12:00 AM plus one second) and ends at 23:59:59 PT on Wednesday, July 12, 2006 (11:59 PM plus 59 seconds). Listings created prior to July 11, 2006 and scheduled to start during the promotional period (July 11-12, 2006) will be eligible for the promotional rate. It's a great time to add selling features to showcase your listings and attract even more buyers!

During the 50% Off Big Upgrades Sale:

For auction-style, Fixed Price, and Real Estate/Ad Format listings, the fee for Homepage Featured (for both single and multi-quantity listings), Featured Plus!, Border, and Subtitle will be 50% off. This promotion will not apply to the following types of listings: Motors vehicles and non-vehicles, International, Live Auction, Professional Services, and Store Inventory listings. Please click here for full promotion details.
Im am also looking for them to announce a listing sale of some type tommorow Tuesday 11th. I think if they dont anounce it tomorrow it wont be until next week...There sale pattern fell on the weekend this month and it screwed the whole deal up. I spent all week working on this tv guide auction to get ready for this sale..I hope it comes tomorrow..if not im going to have to throw 5 or 10 items up there for a 5 day listing.
Originally posted by Magie Noire:
Well, they did give us a 'sale' (if you can call it that) but not exactly what I was hoping for..........wahhhhhhhhhh.

Oh well.

Not what I was looking for either magie...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We dont know how well the .20¢ listing sale went last month..if it didnt go as well for ebay as they expected...Im sure we will continue to have .10¢ listing sales. If it went well, then Im sure BTPS is right on about never having another one.

If they dont give us one next month, maybe we should get a petition going to bring back the .10¢ days and we can go to all these seller boards and get some names.
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Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Do you guys really do that well with these sale days? I know a lot of people (elsewhere) complain that it makes the site way too cluttered with cheap junk and buries their listings...

I don't list enough (or enough high-dollar items) to really benefit from the sales that much myself..

On a .10 listing day special, I can list 100 items at .10 for $10.00. As opposed to my regular listing fee of .95 per listing for a total of $9.50 for 10 items. If I sell one item at $9.95 it pays for the entire 100 listings. So yes, for me, listing specials (like this one are great! not the stupid 50% off listing upgrades.
Originally posted by Magie Noire:
Well, the guilty bastards are throwing a listing sale our way. Here is is.

Back to Basics - 20 ¢ Core Insertion Fee Sale – Two Days Only!

I agree Magie with your name for the CEOs at eBay.


Throwin us a dadgum bone is what they're doing.

You were at eBay Live, the store boards are stating that eBay was heavily touting stores during the convention..yet, they must've known this was coming.


There will be a mass exodus, which I feel is a calculated move...exactly what eBay has wanted for stores.

My thoughts on this issue is the intentional store "tweaking" which has had sales plummetting has been done intentionally...and as stated on the boards, if it can be proved..that could be class action suit time.

<shaking head>

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