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Originally posted by member_8880:
I'm running one right now...maybe you're looking in the wrong place?? It's not up at the top of the page where you would check 'fixed price'. The price and offer option comes up right underneath the pictures, as you're creating your listing.

That is where I looked. Someone posted a picture in one of the threads I found. My page does not have that showing on it anywhere.

Here are screenshots of the page:

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Hi Tazmaniac1967,

After looking at the provided screen shots, I believe the reason the "Accept Offers from Buyers" option is not available is because you haven't selected a category. Not all eBay listing categories support the "Best Offer" option so the "Accept Offers from Buyer" box doesn't appear until you have selected a category for which that feature is supported.

Any additional questions? Please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:


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