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You're much better off buying a domain name and setting up a site outside of ebay.

As you sell on ebay, drive those customers to your site instead of making ebay more money.

If you want to see how it's done, check out the ebay seller 'BUY' which is really

Once you buy something from BUY at ebay, you will get daily emails promoting specials at

BUY at ebay pays no listing fees and a 1.5% final value fee. In return for that super deal from ebay, they drive every customer they find at ebay away from ebay for future sales.

The management at ebay is a ship of fools...
Why open a store when you can list for 30 days for 35 cents?
Because it's not just 35 cents. You're leaving out the hefty final value fees eBay charges when you make a sale.
UY at ebay pays no listing fees and a 1.5% final value fee
I'm pretty sure they pay a lot more than 1.5%. The quoted number I've seen is 7-9%. I don't think there is any way it's 1.5% that is far far too low.
I have just closed my ebay shop, I am in the UK and the cost for a basic shop is £14.99GBP not $14.99 US.
Since closing a few hours ago, I have had nothing but trouble and keep being sent messages that "we have encountered a problem"
The reason I closed was because of the problems I encountered paying the extra £8GBP per month along with all the other fee increases. Reading the UK discussion boards so many other small sellers were in the same position. I cannot wait for Auctiva stores to go live... The cost of all these increases,never ending rule changes and the dictatorship that ebay has become is enough already.

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