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Good morning,

I have a large number of listings up through Auctiva. While creating them, I checked the international site visability box under the marketing tools section. It is now costing me a decent amount of money, and I don't feel I am getting that returned in sales.

I'd like to uncheck this box for all of my listings. Is there a way to bulk revise this aspect of my listings, or do I have to go one by one?

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Hi Gabe -

Unfortunately, for the Advanced Edit tool for Saved listings (or Bulk Revise for Active listings) will not affect the International Site Visibility option in the Marketing area of a listing, so you would need to make this adjustment for each listing individually.

You can do this for the Saved listings and then post them again from the saved listings page, or, where the Edit and Relist option is available for your Closed listings, you can make the change using that option prior to relisting.

- Craig
Hi agcablesinc,

We do not currently offer any functionality that would allow you to product a report of all your listings (active, closed or saved) which have the International Site Visibility option selected, but I have forwarded that idea over to our Product Management team as a suggestion for future consideration.

Given the circumstances you described, I believe the only way to ensure that you do include this option when you repost your listings is to check each individually when reposting or relisting them.

I have not been able to confirm whether it is possible to remove this option from items that are already active on eBay, so I recommend checking with eBay on that. If that is indeed possible, you should be able to do so using the eBay Revise your Item form.


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