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I have just completed modifying 300+ Active Listings with the Auctiva tool and thought it to be one of the most painful processes I have ever seen.
I was using the Description modification tools to modify one word. In order to save time I used the 250 listing view. BIG MISTAKE. I have a pretty good ISP and down speed but the rebuild of the page took forever. Selecting check all and modify rebuilds the page all over again. It seems like the longest amount of time is spent with the page rebuilding FaceBook links. After rebuild and modifications were ready to go the process crashed with an IE cannot find page error. ARGGH!
Reverted to doing 100 at a time and the rebuild page process is still insanely slow. I am not sure where the snag is, the eBay inter-phase or the Auctiva servers. Maybe the developers need to go back and look at their page refresh code and possibly reuse what is there already especially where external links are involved instead of totally rebuilding every time you change something. Unless something changes on an upgrade I’m going to rethink using the Active Listing tool again.
Sorry Auctiva but you need to go back to the drawing board and take a second look at what you have offered here.
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TW, I have been submitting all the glitches and errors (that I previously chose to forgive) to support.

Fortunately, Mike took over most of my issues because the newer folks just weren't getting it. He has submitted quite a few to engineering. I have submitted screen pops of the errors and it seems to help.

I'd avoid submitting the support requests on the weekend because the skill level seems to be lacking. I think it's great that support is now staffed on the weekends but unfortunately it may take several attempts at an explanation for someone to recognize there is a problem.
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Ed Neff

Only 240 out of 250 are updated????? Tell me you are joking???? (we are way past April fools day) Please.

I changed a bunch quite awhile back and am now wondering IF all changed.

If you are not pulling our chain, how do you know which DO NOT update??? It is always the last 10, the lst 10 or random????

Thanks for letting us know, I had NO idea!!

ITJUST ME, sorry about all of your problems. DO hope you get them fixed and keep us posted on here. Others could have same issues and not realize it. Most do not double check their listings I occasionally double check, but believe me not always, who has time to check listings that thoroughly every day?

Good luck keep us posted please.

I reported it a long time ago. perhaps with the change to update the Item description they've fixed it. However I doubt it. On top after the change it says 240 changed. It is the last 10 as I would do them separately

One change we need badly is a way to globally change the Closed Listings. They have all the "code" all they need to do is point it to the Closed Folder instead of the Saved Folder. Wouldn't it be nice when eBay makes a change to be able to globally change the Closed Listings. Oh well hope springs eternal

Sorry wished it were a joke

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