I recently noticed in my ebay account that I now have their "business policies". What a mess, but that's another story. Will Auctiva be compatible with the policies when they are made mandatory sometime this year? Or is there a way to turn them on in my account beforehand?
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Hello Butterflies,

Yes, we will be supporting eBay's Business Policies before they are mandatory. We are not sure of the exact date when those will be available, but we'll let our users know when that will occur and how to use them within your Auctiva account.

Thanks for your question and happy selling!
I'm a new Auctiva user as of yesterday and love it so far. My issue is that Business Policies within Ebay are SUPER useful for me and making our business easier. In the current Auctiva setup, am I correct that every time I list from Auctiva it will create a new shipping policy within my Ebay account?

If so that creates quite a problem as I often make shipping adjustments or discounts on multiple items on the fly by adjusting one shipping policy. So if I list 50 new items from Auctiva and it creates 50 new policies my organization will be wrecked. Maybe I'm understanding it incorrectly?
Hi Devon,

Yes, I believe that eBay will automatically create a new Business Policy for each section (shipping, payment and returns) any time you post a listing through Auctiva, although there may be a maximum at which point this would no longer happen.

Even though this may leave you with quite a few Business Policies for a period of time, you should still be able to add your desired Business Policies to the listings you post through Auctiva once they are active if desired, which would then allow you to update the details in those listings easily by updated the Business Policies in question.

Then, once we add support for this option and you are able to select your Business Policies when creating your listings through Auctiva, you could remove all your unwanted Business Policies as described on the following page of eBay's Help index:


I realize this will make things a bit more difficult initially, but hopefully you can manage these revisions effectively enough until we are able to integrate Business Policies into our service.


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