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Ok I understand the first part about the BIN on your gallery not being current with BIN on ebay - did you revise? Are these auctions with bid and BIN?

This part:

"and time is 8 hours out in showcase but current price is right and only have a few showcase items appearing"

Can you explain a little further - cause to be honest ya lost me.

Are you saying that the showcase has been up for 8hrs now, is showing the correct price but not all of your listings are showing?

Can you post an auction # so we can view the gallery ourselves please?
auctiva doesnt support australia ebay till sometime in may isnt much can do with items that have buy it now price ( buy it now appears in usa dollar )but just bidding prices display still seem to work okay for australain ebay
perhaps useage of auctiva for bidding items and make buy it now items invisable in store settings may be usefull to some people but doesnt work in with me

i will return in may to rejion auvtiva when full support of australia ebay is avaialable

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