When I just started selling on Ebay pictures were not free in my category (art). So I used Auctiva and was not only able to include additional pictures for free but also let my potential buyers to supersize the pictures using Auctiva supersize option. I saved money and my sales went up! Thank you Auctiva! Please check my store Inuit Art Gallery Inuit Gifts.
Started selling misc, household items and clothing on ebay in 03. Opened ebay store with Trish Scully Boutique girls clothing in 05. Last year expanded to include shoes, sunglasses and now handbags. 12 month sales averging around 55,000. Not bad for part time and hopefully still growing.

The Shady Sole Boutique
Thanks Auctiva for making it easy to list outside of the USA. With your free scheduling options my auctions close on the other side of the world while I sleep. I haven't listed on ebay USA in over a year and business is booming!!! The world is just a post office away. International selling has changed my business and now IS my business!!
Hi, our success story is that, with the help of Auctiva's scrolling galleries on our listings for house and office removals and packaging products such as boxes, tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap etc., we have gone from zero turnover in May of this year to an annualized turnover of in excess of £66,000, Thank you Auctiva ! See our shop which has 100 per cent feedback ! Phoenix Supplies http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Phoenix-Supplies-Online-Ltd
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Got a success story you want to share? What amazing garage sale finds have you turned into monster profits online? How has using Auctiva's free templates and auction management tools improved your eBay business? Drop a line and tell us in 50 words or less about an outstanding e-sale experience, and perhaps we'll feature your story in an upcoming issue of The Online Seller newsletter. Reply to this thread to be considered.
This summer I was shopping at an antique mall and a woman came in and said she was looking for someone to haul off a lot of old stuff out of her basement for $75. I said I'll take it! The first item I listed from that was a 1960's red plastic "Valentine" typewriter. Auctiva even had the PERFECT template with slowly falling red hearts! It sold for $550! Www.TheFleasKnees.biz

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