There is check box that you can check-uncheck when you choose your template.

Does this mean that the name you have tagged the photo will actually show up under it in the actual listing?? Or am I missing something??

********************here is what it says:
"Show Description Image"

* When this option is checked, the graphic image designed for this template for "Description" section will display in your listing. When it is unchecked, that graphic image will not display in your listing.

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I had never noticed that before you mentioned it.
I unchecked it just to see what happened, and sure enough it did like it said-the "description" section title disappeared. It has nothing to do with the photos in the listing, but could be worded differently so it makes more sense.
It took a second for me to find what exactly changed too. You know how the templates have the sections "description" and "Payment" and "about us" and so on? When you preview you will notice that down where the description is, the word "description" disappears when i had unchecked the box. I am not even sure why someone would want to do that? Or what the benefit is?

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