At the top of all my listings when I go to Create Similar Listing today it says:

One or more of your shipping services may have been deprecated. Please verify your shipping section.

Under "Domestic Shipping Services" the drop down box now says "Select". instead of my usual preselected choice. When I open that drop down box it still says "Select" and nothing more. So I cannot list anything until you fix this.

I must say this is the first time I have ever had to write with a problem in many years of using this great website. Thanks for your prompt attention to this serious problem with your site.
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Hi Rickf,

Thanks for helping to bring this to our attention.

We are aware of the issue which is causing your shipping services not to show up as you have described, and our technical team is currently working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

I am unable to offer a specific estimate of when the issue will be resolved at the moment, but will be posting further updates on the issue to the following thread in the News section of our forum as additional information becomes available:

We apologize for the inconveniences this may be causing.


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