There used to be an option to update eBay store categories, as per your instructions:

Mouse over the "My Account" tab within your Auctiva account, select the "eBay" option under "Settings" and click the "Update Store Categories from eBay" button".

The problem is that "Update Store Categories from eBay" button has disappeared. How do I update my store categories?

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Hello sir_Paq -

The button labeled Update eBay Preferences has very recently replaced Update store Categories from eBay. As you can see in the eBay preferences listed above this button, Store Categories are among the things updated when the Update Preferences button is used. The image you have included shows that your store categories were most recently updated 7/7/15.

- Craig
Smilesure you can add to the one from a few years back. I even suggested they increase the monthly fee a few bucks a month (auctiva would still be reasonable for what there is) to fund the change. I bet the ones stuck now would pay the increase as well. I still would because I know it will happen to me again one day

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