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I have tried at various intervals for two weeks, using three different browsers, IE, Netscape, and Firefox. All I can ever get is the page cannot be found, it times out, and I try again a bit later. I would like to try the software, but it seems impossible. Does anyone have any comments on this. Thank you.
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Hi trillien,

You may want to try clearing your cache via the following process and perhaps that will resolve your problem:

In Internet Explorer go to the Tools menu, click the Internet Options menu item, then click the "Delete Files" and "Delete Cookies" buttons.

In Firefox, go to Tools -> Clear Private Data -> Check Cache and Cookies -> Clear Private Data Now.

Remember to close all browser windows but one while clearing your cache.

Also, make sure the site you are trying to sign up at is

I am an experienced computer user, and, of course, had already checked the basic parameters you suggested. I was again unable to register this morning. It appears that your site is not useful to me, having tried IE, Netscape, and Firefox, and...even with disabling my firewall and router firewall briefly. I have never had this experience with any site before. Thank you.

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