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Our designer just re-did our custom template to remove active content as ebay is requiring shortly. But I currently have over 3000 active listings running with Auctiva; PLEASE tell me there is a way to help me revise these listing to swap templates here without me having to do them one at a time which is out of the question! I am hoping so much you have a suggestion. Thank you! I can't be the only person needing to do this.
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Hello Connectibles -

I am sorry to hear about the difficulty with your templates. Our engineers are aware of the issues surrounding eBay's upcoming change of policy regarding active content and we are in the process of updating our users listings to use our new mobile friendly and active content free gallery and counters. Our support team can also assist with that by request if you file a support case from under the Help tab of the site.

As for templates, we are developing a tool to assist with replacing templates but it is currently not available. At present I have no ETA on when the tool will be ready, nor its full functionality, but we do hope to have it available in the near future. Please keep an eye out for more information here in the forum or from an announcement from us for more information regarding this.

Currently, if you wish, you can apply your new template to your Saved Listings and then copy the HTML from from there to replace on eBay in the Revise Your Item form.

- Craig
Yes, I'm having the same problem, and yes, I'm finding it hard to believe that this company could not anticipate that for those who rely on custom templates, copying and pasting might be a hardship.

For now, auctiva is nothing more than a photo repository. issues like this arise periodically and really make me question continuing my membership.

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