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We recently gave away some custom templates at eBay Live 2006. Four of the people we designed templates for have not been in contact with us to collect so their loss is potentially your gain.

We would like whoever would be interested in owning one of these designs to put your "name into the hat" so to speak and leave a response here stating so. We will go so far as to make some small changes like a header that suits your business, some color modifications, etc. (make sure to tell us which design you would prefer as your own). We will put all names into a hat and draw four winners on Tuesday, August 1st.

1. "Contemporary":

2. "Modern Red":

3. "Gothic":


Best of Luck,
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surprised that the sellers would abandon their free custom templates and not get back with y'all.

I know I greatly appreciate all the hard work your team did for me! Two main things I did was touch base with y'all and touch base with an ebay employee about a somethin' (and now have her contact info). Those two things alone made my trip worth it (and just the template part was worth it, truth be known!)

Best of luck to everyone on the template drawing!

I've said it before, and will say it again, Team Auctiva is the BEST!
Hi, You can put our names in the hat and we would be happy with any one of the templates so you can pick it for us. We are new to selling and new to Auctiva. We tried TurboLister and that was a mistake. We found Auctiva and this is fantastic. We had a few problems this month but all were our own mistakes but we are learning. Thank you for a great program!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary & Terence

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