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Hi IA. I think I know what you mean -- when you delete your listing from the Listings Folder, you're hoping that the associated images would be deleted from the Image Folder as well.

That won't work. The only way you can delete images is either manually, or by using the Deletion Wizard.

I do have a suggestion that I use -- what you could do is make an Images Folder of the images you post for Listings of a particular day or of a particular type. When I delete all the Listings for that day (or type), I can also delete the Images Folder I made for the associated images. So at least that way, you can delete quickly, in bulk. An entire folder at a time.

The only problem is that you might have some images you want to save from the Image Folder you want to delete. In that case, be sure to move the images you want to save before you delete.

Auctiva, by the way, saves your images for a week after you delete them. So if you ever delete an entire folder by mistake, you have a week to correct the error. Deleted images are in your Deleted Images folder.
Hi Community,

We actually do offer a feature like the one you described on the new version of the Saved Listings page that we have been working on recently and you can reach that page by clicking the “Try out our new and improved Saved Listings page!" link near the top of the standard Saved Listings page.

If you use the “Delete” button to remove one or more listings from the new Saved Listings page, you should be presented with an option called “Also delete images associated with these ads” in the confirmation window that you can check if you would like to delete the images in the listing(s) as well.

We are currently planning on making the new version of the Saved Listings page the default version of that page with a future site update but, for now, it will require an extra click to get there from the standard version of that page.

I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our customer support team by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and selecting the “File Support Case” option.

WOW, I just tried that and am SO happy that you put that in there; it will save me hours of work! Another suggestion I would have is that on the sales page, to differentiate the little icon on the feedback thing so I can look instantly and see if feedback has been left. Now the red star is the same for both feedback left and needing feedback. Once feedback has been left, I can instantly delete that listing and the photos with it. YEAH FOR YOU GUYS! And by the way, every time I file a support case it gets resolved right away.
If you don't have plans to repost that listing ever again, then you can delete it from your saved listings. Just be sure not to delete the associated images since that would cause them not to display in your active listings.
I pretty much keep all of my saved listings though, you never know if you'll need them again even if its just to create a similar listing from. I just move the ones that have sold or I'm no longer selling into different folders that I created to keep track of them. Since Auctiva doesn't charge for storing saved listings, I have never felt the need to delete them. That's just me though.

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