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I am a little (actually a lot) rusty and have been gone for a while.

Am I correct that all my images that have been imported are all too small and I will have reupload all the images directly into Auctiva?

Also, I only want my images on Ebay header, and none in the descriptions to keep the listings simple for use on mobile devices.

I assume I can leave the Auctiva portion of the images blank and just add them to the Ebay portion
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Hello dutchman48 -

There is an issue with images imported from closed listings - at this time, eBay is only providing us with images slightly smaller than the minimum requirement for images when we import, so for these listings you would need to either resize your images (there is a tool for that in the edit images area of the Image Management page, or from the lister once an image has been added) or upload them again at the appropriate size. You may wish to upload new images as there is a chance that image quality would be reduced by enlarging images.

You can certainly only add a Header/Gallery image to your listings if you prefer, but please keep in mind that you will need to include at least these images in your listing to be able to get it to post to eBay. You will not be able to post a listing to eBay with no images as the Header (which is also typically used for the Gallery image) is a requirement for posting.

- Craig
Hello again,

While there is a very small amount of compression that occurs for some image file types when they are uploaded to an Auctiva account, the actual size of your images should not be affected by loading them to Auctiva.

If you refer to images on listings you created on eBay that have not ended, these would only show on your Active listings page - the images you uploaded to eBay when creating the listings would not be affected by an Auctiva account. eBay hosts the images for the Header and Gallery and for any images you add using eBay directly for your listings, and our system would have no effect on what is already stored on eBay.

As for importing active listings into an Auctiva account, while the process is usually fairly rapid, it can take up to 6 hours for all of your listings to import into your Auctiva account. If you note that there has been a delay of longer than this, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know and we can take a look into that for you.

- Craig
Hi Craig
I have 2 open tickets in regards to this. Please read them so maybe you can get involved with the programmers to have this fixed.

I have downgraded to free as the way it is is a make work project which should not be required.

Please read both tickets and get back to me.

I had to redo the 2nd ticket 3 times and it is now open under 744064

Tickets are 744031 and 744064

Thanks for your time
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Hello dutchman48 -

I have taken a look at the tickets you refer to and we are aware of the issue with the imported image sizes. I have forwarded this information along to our engineers and our Product Management team for their review. At this time, I have no ETA on any potential resolution to this issue, but will reply to this thread should any new information regarding this issue become available.

- Craig
This isssue has been around for over 6 months, it appears the engineers could care less. Neither inkFrog, turbo lister, bidstart, bonanza, nor any one else has this issue as well as others.

Maybe your engineers should talk to them or possible the engineers should be replaced with someone that can do the job.

I am very disappointed with what Auctiva has become and that they could care less about issues brought up.

Before long no one will have to worry as all the users will leave and all Auctiva staff will be looking for work.

That's what happens if no one cares!
I apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing, but rest assure we care and we are capable of doing the job. I've spent the entire day myself researching this issue and making sure the URLs being returned from eBay don't have some additional fields we can send in the API request to get other images sizes/formats back in the response from eBay, as of yet I have not found a valid API parameter. This is an eBay issue with the GetSellerItems and GetItems API call, where in both cases eBay is returning image urls that are of lower quality, than what were originally uploaded. I can't speak for other services, but if they are retrieving seller images via a different method than the API, then they are breaking eBay's API use policy. I've also opened a case with eBay support to see of they can shed some light on why images are being returned in their API calls that are lower quality. I suspect it might have something to do with security, and keeping unscrupulous people from using the GetItem API call to copy listings in an automated fashion, but i'll see what eBay has to say.

I was hoping to have some more details about the issue before replying, but please know we are working hard to resolve this issue and all the issues that arise, as well as providing new and updated functionality based on changes eBay makes and what the market and our sellers request.

Best Regards,

I have closed my account as this restriction makes Auctiva totally useless for someone importing files. As I said, maybe someone should talk to the other parties that do not have an issue. Turbo Lister is of course Ebay(so not sure how they could be breaking any rules or policies) and inkFrog is a trusted partner of Ebay.

As I said, Auctiva's issue has been around for a long time and still not resolved.

The other issue that is still there is deleting all the shipping methods which again makes the files useless.

I tried chat but personally, they are useless as they keep telling me what the problem is which I am fully aware of, no where do they give me a cause of the problem. It is also in my cases.

Maybe Auctiva is Ok for someone starting new with nothing to import but I am not prepared to test that as well at my time and paying Auctiva for that.

As I said before. maybe Auctiva because of these issues, should give users free months to redo all the listings from scratch to see if these 2 major issues still show up or Auctiva could test that as well.

I was with Auctiva for many years from the time they were free and really liked the program. They have however, developed a lot of issues known to them, and done nothing to fix the issues
Feel free to keep an eye on the Release Notes forum as we are updating the Auctiva software almost daily. I'm currently in the process of implementing a workaround to retrieve different images sizes from eBay for listings imported/not created in Auctiva because of this eBay API issue (the fact that the eBay API does not return the originally uploaded image size, nor have an ability to request different image sizes via the Trading API). If all tests out ok, look for a software release soon to circumvent this eBay issue. We will still work with eBay to help correct the API (or at least extend the API so different image sizes can be retrieved programmatically). You are correct this eBay issue has been around for a while, so I'm hopeful to have a resolution soon.

We are glad you liked Auctiva and have been with us for quite some time, we continue to enhance and update Auctiva in ways that make selling online easier, solve problems for ecommerce sellers, and ultimately provide value to you.

Thanks for that reply.

I have about 1800 listings and I can't wait and did not appreciate finding all this out the hard way. It wasted about a week of my time.

And don't forget the shipping option problem is also not resolved, which again will mean constantly fixing that issue when they come into Auctiva, and every relist as it was not created in Auctiva.

Personally, the problem lies in Auctiva's importation procedure all the way around.

As I said, I have not created a new listing to test the issues as I had enough grief with the imported aspects.
FYI, we deployed a workaround for this eBay API issue. Now when Auctiva imports a closed listing, we are getting the largest available image from ebay. So going forward listings created on ebay and imported into Auctiva will not require you to re-upload images. We are going to continue to work with eBay in hopes that they correct their API or at least extend it to allow us (and any caller) to request the original image size and not the 400px version they return to Auctiva today.

Again I want to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any issue with imported listings/images, please do not hesitate to post a message or reach out to support.

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