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I am trying to offer combined shipping on some items and I set up a new combined profile on Ebay. I click Ebay, then "update preferences," Auctiva says it did, but they are not there. I even deleted a couple and updated again, and they are still there. Any ideas? Does Auctiva have a new method for updating these? Thanks.
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Hello cbebauct -

The button on the eBay Account Information page of your Auctiva account labeled "Update eBay Preferences" updates the list of preferences that shows immediately above the button; the following should be updated for your Auctiva account when that button is used and your token is valid:

eBay GivingWorks Status:
eBay Global Shipping Program:
eBay Out of Stock:
Store Categories:
Combined Shipping Discounts:

Please also note that there is a checkbox for this particular option in the Shipping Tools area that must be checked for a listing to utilize the option. It is labeled: "Apply my eBay promotional shipping rule" and is just beneath the shipping services area.

If you have updated your eBay preferences to your Auctiva account and have this box checked and there are still difficulties with a transaction, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know an example or two of this occurring (please include the eBay item numbers or titles of products involved) so we can look into it further.

- Craig

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