Look back at all my supportive posts. I'm pissed right now, Left caps on when trying to sign in and locked out forever. Said contact syupport but NO link avaikable. Had to use way old bookmarks.

Should have been a simple password reset but took over an hour of my time to list.

Wake up Auctiva. These little glitches add up. Are you overloaded? Do you need more employees? Or, are you just to busy spending our new money to respond to the real questions? It seems like 9 out of 10 have no knowledge and ask the questioner to file a support case. Most of these are not rare. Many people expierce these. How apout giving the true results to us?

I plsn on sticking with you but I challenge you that you mostley answer questions that put you in a good light.

You have a lot of loyal customers and if you were up front about your strugles and problems, you would get your suppoet.

Fix what you can. But let us kmow what you are having problems with. If so, we help. If not, we are PISSED!

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