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The question here is do you want to list for free and not sell or do you want to pay thru your nose and sell? Having a yard sale at the end of a deadend street with no signs posted doesn't get much traffic! I tried webidz and their search format is almost a joke along with other sites. I have googled other online auctions and didn't see any one selling. The sites that you have all mentioned I didn't even see on Google but I will try finding them and checking them out.
Auctiva should break away from eBay and open it's own auction site, unless they have a contract that they can't break. They have a customer base (us) and a checkout and they are friendly (not greedy) but getting the buyers to log on is key.
We need to step up and kiss Meg's butt while we raise our prices!
Sue B.
Hi--I have just signed up at

It is like a breath of fresh air--like eBay was years ago. It is growing very fast and many PS have joined the site....the fees are great and it is friendly and positive.

I am waiting for Auctiva to have a site of its own---Auctivia Jeff said it will happen when the weather gets cold. That will be soon.
I closed my ebay store and went to

Yes, sales are slow there but you canlist absolutely free of charge so if your item doesn't sell, you don't pay.

When items do sell, they only charge 2% FVF.

Also, you get 5 free stores.

You really have nothing to lose by listing there. And sales are picking up...It is growing rapidly and could soon be a busy sales outlet.

Plus, the forums are very friendly and helpful, not like ebay where you get attacked for asking a question others deem "stupid".
I like many sellers have been looking for alternatives to ebay and have concluded that at the moment there just aren't any. All the so called competitors have plenty of sellers but few buyers so are not viable.
I have read on the ebay discussion boards some success stories from some big time ebayers who have started their own sites selling the same goods.
One in particular stood out. He has over 50,000 feedbacks but packed it in about 3 months ago but now generates sales of between 30 and 40,000 pounds per month through his own website and using google adwords. He spends 1,000 pounds/month on advertising.
I spend about 800 pounds/month with ebay and generate total income (including shipping) of about 3,500 pounds.
I think adwords may be worth looking into.
Hi everyone. This is my first time posting on this forum, but I have been using eBay for 3 years & Auctiva for about 4 months or so & Amazon for a couple of months. I have been doing the same thing, trying to find other places to sell. I like the look of Bonanzle & I just set up an account there. I will look at next. I figure it can't hurt to try, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" right? Thanks to everyone for the new ideas!
All this sounds well and good and I hope some can find success... But we need an all encompassing site! I mostly sell music memorabilia, and more than 60% of my sales go overseas. I need an auction site to support this too. Germans, Norwegians, and Britons, and Europeans in general are crazy for the rock and roll! The media rates that are being dictated through eBay are not realistic, especially for vinyl.

Everyone is pissed right now and ready to move on... Auctiva, where are you? Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello...
I should clarify that my wife & I have been on eBay since about 2001. It has gone downhill ever since. We are ready to climb back up. I miss the glory days that will never be on that site again.

Hello, Auctiva Jeff, are you listening? Do you have a plan when the weather gets cold for you? I'm freakin' freezing here!

Everyone is ready to bail. All you need is good advertising!

they have half the price in fees
they let you relist for up to 3months for free, then you only pay a 2cent relist on all your items.
they are now ebay's strongest competition because they are Australian Owned and Run
they have a fantastic friendly community
most items have cheaper postage methods because they dont need to mark it up to cover listing fees

there great!
i have accounts on bonanzle and on atomic mall. i've had several sales on atomic mall already. they seem to have buyers coming through. they upload all their stuff to googlebase each day or something.

i haven't had sales on bonanzle, but I LOVE THE SIMPLE FORMAT! So clean and easy to shop there, even the most mundane item- i'm tempted to buy!!
If you sell antiques, collectibles, or art, AND want to sell fixed price (BIN or offers, no auction) try Ruby Lane ( I started 3 weeks ago and have already sold about $24000 there. I was shocked. They are large ticket items. I don't sell many pieces but have sold 18 items in 25 days. NO FINAL FEE, $39 monthly fee and 30 cents listing fee. My total cost has been about $80.

I used to sell about $40,000 a month on ebay (about 2 years ago) but with all the DSR crap and their ties to search engines, and feedback crap and fraud on ebay, my sales dropped drastically. I will still sell on ebay but Ruby Lane has been a life saver. Try it.

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