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You might also check out No listing fees, and they copied all my listing from eBay. Saved me the time of having to re-create over 200 listings. Up to 4 pics included per item. FVF are a flat fee depending upon selling price.

Haven't sold anything yet, but it has only been 2 days. In those two days, they have picked up over 100 new sellers and my store has been viewed 40 times.

Check it out!
Hi All,
I just posted to the following to the Suggestion board:
Numbers would speak volumes......

Are you supporting ANY other sites besides Ebay?
I love the ease of using your site BUT CAN NO LONGER list with Ebay. It has become unbearable.
PLEASE hook up with another site.
I believe if all the sellers who already use your site were to go to ANY OTHER site you would support the sheer numbers would be just the thing to knock ebay off their perch.
Originally posted by florida.granny:
I had an OLA account. Closed it as a seller. I just sent an email to their support and asked for account to be closed before next billing date. I also asked for an email confirmation from them that they would do that. Got the email, cc was not charged next month. Smile

If you don't mind my asking, why did you close your OLA account?
If anyone is into goth or alternative fashions you can list on Absolutely free and no listing or FVF fees. I love the community on there! If you are a new seller it's probably better to get your feedback going on there some how so people won't think you are a scammer. The only bad thing about the site is that there are lots of deadbeats, but at least you aren't paying for anything...beware of scammers as well and always check for feedback. By no means you are going to rich on this site, most people look for a if you do not mind listing your items real low to mid range than this site could be for you. Oh and server can be slow sometimes, but hey it's free!
eBay is a totally dysfunctional organization that knowingly and deliberately facilitates sophisticated shill-bidding fraud on buyers by unscrupulous sellers (eBay is a ‘criminal facilitator’), and PayPal’s ‘clunky’ payments system encourages fraud by unscrupulous buyers on sellers; between the two of these dysfunctional organizations, eBay has become an unsafe place for sellers; it has always been an unsafe place for buyers; eBay’s introduction of masked bidding aliases has simply made it that much worse.

The details at:

eBay: ‘Dead man walking’—and deservedly so.
PayPal: Systemically dysfunctional to the core.

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