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I'm new here. I hope I'm posting this question in the right area.

I have used Auctiva before to list on eBay and was very pleased with it. I just signed up again to start back listing with Auctiva. For now, I'm on the $2.95 plan to start.

I just set up my first listing in Auctiva with an auction starting price of $9.99. However, my estimated eBay fee shows .30 cents to list this item.

I thought the $2.95 would cover my first 15 eBay listings, meaning they're free. I believe it used to be that way. Has this changed now?

I don't list more than about 40-80 auctions per month on eBay, and I don't do that every month. So I figured I'd come out better (financially) using Auctiva than listing through eBay, and it's a whole lot more manageable than eBay.

Because I could use eBay's free 50 listings per month, like I've been doing for the past year, and not have to worry about paying any extra fees in addition if this is the case.

Can someone please tell me whether or not insertion fees still apply even when using Auctiva? I'm aware of the .30 cent insertion fee for BIN, but not for regular auctions.

Thanks a bunch!
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I hope I understood your post correctly...The 2.95 you pay for membership at Auctiva is completely separate from ebay fees. You will still pay any applicable insertion fees.

BUT the Auctiva website does not always keep up with ebay's free listing promos...lots of times the promos are a complete surprise and come out of nowhere.I never even look at the 'estimated ebay fees' because usually it's not correct.

So if you are intitled to X amount of free listings on ebay, that's what you will get.
The membership fee you pay auctiva is for the use of the auctiva website any applicable ebay fees are in addition to the monthly fee you pay auctiva if you have free listings with ebay (like the first 50 free) and you only list less than 50 a month the only other fees should be ebay and paypal final value fees (ebay) and transaction fees (paypal)

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