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Yes filed a support case two days ago. They replied that something was going on and they would get back to me. Still waiting and scheduled listings still are failing to post, another 50 or 60 failed yesterday making it 500 + that have failed. Since you can't reschedule from the scheduled listing file it is a huge pain to find the ones that didn't post in the saved listings file. Either search for them by name individually or by last posting date.

Hello Community,

Our engineers have been reviewing the reports related to the token issues you have described and we have been in communication with eBay regarding the difficulty that has been occurring causing tokens to appear as invalid when they should remain valid for about 18 months.  We've provided eBay with the information we had on our end and eBay has responded back to us today that there is an issue on the eBay side which is causing this to occur and that they will let us know as soon as they have more information regarding the difficulty or there is a fix.  At this time, we have no further information on when this fix will occur.

We understand the difficulty this is causing for you and our engineers are taking steps to mitigate this difficulty as well as we are able based on what we see occurring on the back end where accounts can be affected, however, until there is a resolution from eBay this issue will continue to occur at intervals.

For anyone who has a support case open related to this, we will update those cases as soon as we have more information and will also reply back to this thread with an update at that time.

Apologies for the continued difficulty.

 - Craig



Hi everyone,

The team at eBay contacted us earlier and let us know the token issue has been resolved!  I'm terribly sorry for the difficulties and inconveniences this has caused all of you, but I do want to thank each of you for your patience and understanding while it was being fixed. 

If you're still facing issues with your token please contact us and let us know.



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