Every month is a 75 cent charge for Picture Pack for each item that I list or gets relisted.

The first year using Auctiva, that charge was not there and then suddenly appeared and I am using the same listing template.

In May, ebay said they fixed the problem and refunded $35.

Yesterday I looked over my bill and see that I was charged for picture pack on everything again in june, july up to the present.

I called ebay again and they said that the problem is with auctiva, that I should stop using it, move to turbolister and all will be well. A refund was refused.

It is getting expensive for auctiva to hold my pictures and ebay to charge $1.25 for each listing. Thanks in advance any advice.
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Of course ebay told you to stop using Auctiva! They lose money when companies (such as this one) allow sellers to add as many photos as they like (with free supersizing) into their listings.

Are you listing/relisting on ebay, and not thru auctiva? I have never been charged for pictures on ebay when I list thru auctiva, just the insertion fees.. you should probably file a request for help from customer support so that someone can look into that for you.

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