I am getting a repeated error message when trying to upload a .csv file, telling me the format is not correct. I have successfully uploaded other files today, so I suspect it is something minor. What common errors should I be looking for?
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Hello Ed,

without the specific details, and possibly the .csv file itself, it is difficult to say what may be occurring with the file you refer to.

I encourage you to file a support case from under the Help tab of your account letting us know the details of this issue, including the full text of the error message you are receiving so we can take a look. After seeing the details, we may request that you send us the file itself to investigate further.

- Craig
Hi Craig. Thank you for chiming in. I am glad to be able to see I figured it out. It was user error. I had two columns with the same heading, which is a .csv no-no. For anyone else who might read this, you also cannot have blank column headers in a .csv spreadsheet.

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