I set up my first item to list and I got this message : API Warning

Failed Listing Generated the Following Warning: Funds from your sales will be unavailable and show as pending in your PayPal account for a period of time. Learn more: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayIS...?UserPolicyMessaging

It will not list my item..

what does this mean? I have sold a couple of items and yes.. I know that my funds are held for a few days in my paypal account.. why can't I list?


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Hi Jane,

Thanks for posting your question here.

This particular message is actually just a warning, and does not provide any insight into why your listing failed to post. However, I see that this listing did fail to post initially and the you can see the error message which explains the failure by clicking the red number in the “Notifications” section within your account.

I see that you have since been able to locate this error and post your item successfully, but I figured I would update this thread as well for the potential benefit of anyone else encountering who may come across it that is experiencing similar difficulties.

If you need any further assistance related to this matter, please follow up with our Customer Support team directly through the ticket you opened on this subject and we will be happy to continue working with you.


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