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Auctiva can you please update us on some of the TO DO list in the feature center.

Also the other list of items we would like to see.

Seems there has not been update there lately except for the shipping that was introduced.

Also, this is the BEST kept secret in Auctiva. Most people assume FEATURE center if just that the features you have, not what is wanted. This was mentioned before as a possible name change so people would know what it is. If the only people that visit there are people that gave thumbs up or down then obviously that is a sign that people do not know what it is, as NOTHING there gets many ups/downs considering the number of people using auctiva. I find it hard to believe those are the only people wanting/needing new features.

Thanks for your input on the to do and suggestion list. Seems forever since updates from these lists were done on the ebay side of things.

Thanks for your input.
Original Post
Maybe I need to put suggestion to do that on the feature center, this has been talked about before getting a good name for it. I do not find this to be an extremely creative situation, we just need WHAT IT IS.


I just look at it and find it prety pathetic that the most votes or like/dislikes is from 247 users. Most have 25 and under user thumbs up/down. I find as opinioned as auctiva people are that this is a pathetic page. I assume this is for ebay and commerce side.

I do think now the forums are used for suggestions which is great, but that defeats the purpose of this, since the forum suggestions do not tell how many people are interested in one thing versus another feature. However, do find that there are quite a few things that happen that are on forums and really not finding outstanding results with the feature center lately.

I am sure making this where people can find it with a good name will cause more people to express their opinions. I think it is lost and did not even know it was there until Auctiva personnel mentioned it in a forum comment. (I think I had been using auctiva about 3 years when I saw it).

Should I put suggestion in the suggestion box,oops, feature center?

Originally posted by Auctiva Rebecca:
I agree 100%! The "Feature Center" does often get overlooked and could use a better name and more visibility.

Ed, one of your suggestions did get approved back in March Wink

thanks I'll have to check which one and if it was as a result of a Support request as well

The only one I'm aware of is the ability to Find and Replace

LookandBuyme it can't hurt to make the suggestion
I did put suggestion in the feature center and am pretty sure I had previously done also. Apparently this did not make the cut or it takes a long time to get approval to post.

I guess this is why the forums are used for voicing opinions on things they would like to see done rather than the feature center. I guess the commerce people are smarter than am because they use the forums most of the time for what they need. (Commercers I am not saying this is wrong, just that it is what it is) I need to wise up I guess. I do know there is suggestion area on discussions, should we be using that for suggestions or feature center???

Auctiva, this appears to be a very simple change. IF you do not want the "feature center" utilized as it should be then take it down. I listed for MANY< MANY years and never knew that was what it was, I thought it was just that features that you have. Not suggestions. Only way I realized it was Tony or Mike put something about it on forums. I remember glancing at it then, forgot what it was called so never looked again until I saw another mention on forums. Now I look, but does not seem very active for a site that boasts so many members. Sooooo something is wrong with this picture.

Would love to see it moved so it is easier to find, however, a name change only would be some improvement.

Perhaps even once a month remind people that it is there with a link? Something to utilize it. It is like the forgotten stepchild??

People can't use what they can't find or do not know exists. And I can guarantee they will not spend a lot of time piddling through tabs trying to find it when a name that is misleading???
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Also, looks as though some of the suggestions have been removed real recently, but they are not in the to do list or done list? Maybe there should be an "this just isn't gonna happen" area too." Big Grin

Some were great suggestions and had quite a few thumbs ups???? One of the removed items hit the all record high that I have seen of 247 that was mentioned on August 29th post I made.
the only way I can find the feature place is to do a Google on feature. I thought it used to be on the bottom left of some screen but I couldn't find t yesterday

don't feel bad I submitted over 30 suggestions and not one made it to the "vote for me list" I;ve been in IT support of Users for over 35 years so I can see when something would help a lot of people and I also have a fairly good idea of the complexity of the change given what has to exist already. That was why I suggested in a support ticket that they allow the Item Descriptions to be globally changed as they already had it in eBay

now I;m off to ask support if the no Email address in your listings will be checked by Auctiva of if eBay will return an error to Auctiva so we don't get more bad marks for "violating" that silly new rule come 10/01
I rarely submit and sometimes vote. . but figure it is a waste of my time to read it anyway. Occasionally I just venture there to see what people are asking for. I understand it being censored, but this is something that 2 times now has been mentioned and auctiva commented both times that yes, it should probably be changed. This is NOT rocket science!! I am not a computer expert, but I can't imagine this being that huge an issue! Ed Neff you probably know how long this would take anyway. I sure do not and maybe my expectations are too high.

I am going to just start posting my suggestions on forums and forget the "feature center" since it is obviously not on any priority list for auctiva. Plus, in all honesty there are other things that should take priority over a name change on an area that people do not go to anyway. I now realize why people do not give thumbs up or down, as they feel they are wasting their time and energy.

Good luck with your other issue.
Hi Auctiva anyone

please seriously consider the below. Recently I was told what features Auctiva has for making bulk changes. It was even mentioned that the these features could ease the pain of the latest eBay mandate of no email addresses. This education was as a result of my talking about the limitations of the Closed Folder's tools or lack there of. I was told that the bulk of the email addresses had been found in the Seller Details and Profiles. Well sadly all of the tools do not assist when you are talking about items in the Closed Folder. Please its time to liberate the Closed Folder

if you could allow the Closed Folder to update the various Profiles, as currently can be done with the Saved Folder, and also allow bulk updating of the Sellers Detail information. You would have some happy customers. Heck I'd pay an extra dollar a month if this change were instituted the way I suggest. Having to individually change each listing is tedious at best. Especially when the foundation for the suggestion already exists and is waiting to be gleaned

if those 2 things were done the eBay folk would be a lot happier because most mandated eBay changes seem to come in the above areas

if you're in a real happy mood you could throw in a radio-button/check-box to allow folks to always use the most current Sellers Details and Profiles for ReList; Bulk ReList; Edit and ReList, etc. from the Closed Folder.

Heck if you can add the option to always use the most current Seller Details and Profiles the first 2 suggestions aren't even needed

Does this suggestion live or die Auctiva it is your decision. Heck there's even a suggestion on a new source of income the "so good it's worth extra money" bucket. I was serious I would pay more per month for services that made my life easier (I.e. faster to accomplish tasks).

sincerely yours
Auctiva this is TO DO list that has been in feature center for a very long time now. Any chance of some type of update on these?

Also any chance of getting "feature center" put and identified where it will be used???

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Incorporate Item Specifics into Listing Page, rather than pop-up

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Custom note field

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Delete related Images when a Listing is Deleted

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Use Auctiva to upload to other selling sites

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Thanks for some type of update.

The items in the last post are all on our road map for development...with the exception of the last one...using Auctiva to upload to other selling sites. We will do the easier ones sooner; the more complex ones will take longer.

Keep in mind that a lot of our development capacity get used up by eBay as we work to keep in synch with eBay's seller release changes. The more eBay makes us do, the less capacity we have to do other things.

With regard to using Auctiva to upload to other selling sites, while we have not decided to not do this at all, our market research has given us a very mixed message as to how many users really want and would use this, and how much of a return on our investment we would get from doing this. The bottom line is that right now we just aren't sure yet. We are still considering what the real demand and opportunity are for listing on other sites.
Thanks Tony. . .I figured the last one was OFF the table completely about year or so ago, but had not been removed from TO DO LIST so there are 3 left on there. They have been on there for a VERY< VERY< VERY long time. Obviously, this is not updated as last one has been sitting there for way over a year. . ???

I realize that other changes are put on back burner when ebay has changes and rightfully so, which brings up UPC codes that ebay has??? (which for me I would not use that much anyway as it is too much hassle to go back & put on old listings, but others would) and I would sure put on new ones.

HOWEVER, to me it is quite frustrating to see things such as the new saved page (which I saw nothing on there that could not have been just added to new unless I am missing something) implemented. Instead it was totally re-done and as previously mentioned in another thread, I am not big on several things right off the bat. Others may be in LOVE with it I realize. I do not see me falling in love with it without several changes being made that to me make its launch perhaps not looked at much from a seller standpoint.

Another newbie was shipping. Yes, I am sure some people wanted it, but since it appears it was out of date before it was launched may have been premature. Also, ebay has same thing only has comparisons for zone shipping which is FANTASTIC, paypal has shipping, USPS has shipping, and there are MANY, MANY other sites that have same thing at same price. The discount is same as ebay, paypal, and USPS website. Most people were/are already using shipping service. Yes, I know it is HUGE success, but obviously the contest drew that crowd into trying it.

I could name others, but really most people know the changes, so will not go there.

As far as #1 on the list. To me, again, just my thought, that is TOP CONCERN, mainly figuring that is one less thing for us to sit and wait on since we seem to be having slowness issues anyway, this may help diffuse a bit of that frustration.

Thanks again for your update.. it is much appreciated. I am sure you are ready to puke at the posts today, I honestly only went through page 1 of my pending questions.

glad that lookandbuyme resurrected and revisited these previously unaddressed requests and issues and thanks to tony for giving a response.

the slowness is clearly our biggest issue. on sunday it was darn near impossible to get listings completed. forums were full of comments. it is clear that at least one of the slowness issues is lack of bandwidth at access/egress. all the tracerts show great latency. i am guessing the servers have issues too in managing the load and that may have been the other issue on sunday.
I guess I resurrected some of them (only one page as there are others) because I felt there was a lot out there waiting some type of response and that thread may have gotten buried in pile.

Hate to sound ignorant, however, isn't bandwidth a bought item. That you can buy more of it??? And if more was purchased then this could very well solve this problem at least through holidays?? Or at least something to try? I am not smartest person in the world but this seems to be a money issue if that is true. . that we don't want to spend more money to buy extra access??? Servers same??

Is money the issue as to why we can't list in a timely manner???

Auctiva???? Is this possible???
all the more reasons why we're confused why you would spend so much of that important resource redesigning something that worked and worked well. This last design isn't that old either I'm guessing 3 year max. Or did some focus group say they liked the new screens better. I want a car that runs not a pretty car that crawls. For a fraction of the cost of redesigning all the screens things could have been changed that benefited everyone that uses Auctiva to list on eBay

I was serious when I mentioned I'd be happy to pay more money per month if a few things could be done. No, redesigning what already was a nice setup wasn't on my list
Auctiva. . .??? I assume bandwith is a purchased item and buying more may help through holiday crunch???

Hate to sound ignorant, however, isn't bandwidth a bought item. That you can buy more of it??? And if more was purchased then this could very well solve this problem at least through holidays?? Or at least something to try? I am not smartest person in the world but this seems to be a money issue if that is true. . that we don't want to spend more money to buy extra access??? Servers same??

Is money the issue as to why we can't list in a timely manner???
Feature center to do list: Here we sit nothing done, no update on status on any of these. Also, Auctiva, you really may want to update the feature center and delete the below one especially.

The upload to other sites is a DEAD ISSUE and has been forever now and should be totally removed since that TO DO is off the table. To be honest every time I see that I steam all over at the amount of time we were drug along on that before auctiva said total NO GO!!

To my knowledge there have been no ebay changes lately that auctiva has added. YES, UPC was a change, but since auctiva has not added it it did not take time away from other items.

Suggested Features
To-Do List
Completed Features

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1. Incorporate Item Specifics into Listing Page, rather than pop-up

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2. Use Auctiva to upload to other selling sites

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3. Custom note field

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DELETE RELATED IMAGES WHEN A LISTING IS DELETED??? What is status of that??? Notice that one has been removed from list. Has it been done or off the table???? Have some getting ready to delete cleaning out for past year. So may want to use if available.

Thanks for an update on the feature center. . again, about that change or name????
We are currently reviewing the suggested features to see which ones we might be able to fit in for upcoming releases. I know you aren't aware of all eBay's changes that we have to work on, because the majority of them are not "user facing." The "Delete Related Images When a Listing is Deleted" is available on the new Saved Listings page (the one everyone hated Wink ) and it was moved to the "Completed Features" section last month.
Well, Rebecca, we asked MANY< MANY< MANY< MANY times what the new features were, I know I sure did. As I wanted to love it. Auctiva NEVER came forward and told us any of them? WHY? All we saw where many things that made no sense. (also could this NOT have been just added to the old page rather than re-inventing the wheel???) I never remember complaints about the old. This was forced this down our throats and we were not told ONE thing that improved. However, in using obviously there were many issues which most of us (I believe all except 2 people posted they hated).

Perhaps if auctiva had told us about all of these great new features then others may have jumped on the Auctiva boat. People do not like change just for the sake of change. They want what was announced NEW AND IMPROVED. I suppose when things are introduced there should be maybe a test group?? Or at least not forced on us as this was. Also, would have been nice if Auctiva had come forward and sold us on this. Instead silence by auctiva for days and days told us they did not know what was improved and I felt that by silence from auctiva, that personnel at auctiva may have been head scratching saying, WHY IN THE WORLD did we do this??? This sounds like something a bunch would do over happy hour on a friday and then later think what the heck. . .(back in younger day I can assure you I had many a plan on Friday afternoon that by Monday I was head scratching).

Why did someone with auctiva NOT come forward and tell us of all of the new and improved features???? It was asked many times all over the forums. I still would like to know what they are...other than the fact that if you put in an individual item title and want to relist it it zips it on.

What are they specifically???

We have that I think it is faster if you do individual (my opinion). IF you are doing a group of relists NOT faster at all because does not show enough on the page AND the scrolling is still horrid.

The deleted pictures which some asked for. Frankly I think would be awesome if when you filed your listing if the pictures associated with it were filed in images folder the same as listing at same time without having to go into both. I put all of mine in sold and would be super if photos when I put in sold went there also. (I know.. should not save pictures). .. but do because I sometimes get same item. When I use my allotment then will delete some of them.

I am SURE there are many behind the scene things going on that ebay requires, perhaps if we were enlightened about that, we may be more sympathetic to that cause since we only see things ebay requires that are not updated?

Thanks for your note.. at least we know you are still alive and kicking.
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We haven't done many of the Feature Center requests in 2011, although as Rebecca pointed out we did do the "Delete Related Images When a Listing is Deleted" feature request, which had incidentally received more votes on the Feature request page than any of the others.

However, we have added several major features this year, as well as making several changes changes -- some of which had significant impact--mandated by eBay. All of these have been well publicized by us, with email being sent to our users, messages being posted in users message center, and interstitial pages (these pages that display when you sign on) messaging users about the new feature or the eBay change when those changes required user action to be taken.

I'm not going to list them all off here, but I will mention a few.

* We reached 1800 listing templates on the site, where we had previously been at 1700. We have updated and modernized many many more and we are working on new ones once more.

* We added the ability to purchase shipping labels to the site, and we integrated the tracking numbers gleaned from those labels back to eBay. This was a big feature...the biggest one we have done in at least four years...and took the developers several months to complete. We did a phase II of the labels project and added bulk label printing and support label printers most used by eBay sellers such as Dymo and Zebra. This project was very well publicized and we have a great response from our seller community, with usage increasing each month.

* We added translated pages to our site. Currently the most commonly used pages are available now in German and Chinese as well as English. We continue to roll out more pages that have been translated, and we built the translation capability in such a way that we can readily add other languages such as French or Italian.

* As mandated by eBay, we gradually switched tens of thousands of users from Auctiva Checkout to eBay checkout. This project is now over and done with, but it was very large and complex, and stretched over many months before it was completed.

* In recognition of the growing trend towards social networking as a eCommerce tool, we provided an integration from our active listing pages to Facebook. This originally took the approach of a simple button, but re-visited this issue with a more comprehensive feature called 'Sell It Social' that allows our sellers to automate the process.

* We launched a seller newsletter feature that we had long wanted to provide that allows sellers to opt their buyers in to receive a personalized newsletter that the seller has control over. The concept behind this was to provide sellers with a tool that would help them generate buyer loyalty and return business, while having the messy part of emailing it, keeping track of the mailing list, etc. managed by Auctiva. So far we are seeing good adoption of this feature and some of the sellers are getting very good results with it.

* eBay had two seller releases last in the spring and one in the fall. Each of these required us to make changes in order to keep our sellers up to date. Just to name a few (this is NOT a complete list): a change to return policy, expansion of the listing title length from 55 to 80 characters, error handling for eBay's links policy change, changes to support the Clothing Shoes and Accessories (CSA) mandate, and UPC for certain categories.

With respect to UPC, after we implemented the change in the initial list of categories eBay asked us to provide for they added a number of other ones which required us to revisit this, and we will be making another update for it shortly.

* We also revised the saved listings page (the design of which was very old and out of date) to bring the design more in alignment with the new sales page, introduced with the shipping labels. After receiving user complaints about it (yes this was not one of our finer moments, but...not everyone hated the page...we also had a number of users telling us they really liked the page as we initially released it) we pulled it back and have added additional capabilities and ease of use changes requested mostly by people on the forums. This work is complete and we will be bringing back the new saved listings page in revised form later this month. We believe these revisions will make the saved listings page much more agreeable to those who did not like it before.

The old saved listing page will be kept around for a while along with the new revised saved listing page, but we don't plan on keeping the older version on the site indefinitely.

For 2012, we are still looking at what our product development road map will be. We would like to bring forward some more of the features requested on the Feature Center, but how many of those we will get to remains to be determined.

Meanwhile, it is the new year of 2012 we are alive and well here in Chico California, where contrary to what some have posted elsewhere ALL of our development is done, mostly by the same people who have been doing it for years. And yes, our Support organization is managed by Mike D (who is very very real) located right here in Chico too, and Support is staffed 24x7. We do use an offshore group for night and weekend coverage.

We do appreciate everyone's business and wish everyone a very successful 2012.
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why does it take folks begging for information to get a response from you.

wouldn't it be easier to list what is fixed and added. Folks begged to know what was different about the new pages and heard nothing until the other day that

to para-phase a quote "treat us the way you want to be treated when you are a customer"

Originally posted by ed neff:
why does it take folks begging for information to get a response from you.

wouldn't it be easier to list what is fixed and added. Folks begged to know what was different about the new pages and heard nothing until the other day that

to para-phase a quote "treat us the way you want to be treated when you are a customer"


As I said in my post we emailed all affected users AND sent messages in each users Message Center AND showed people interstitial pages when they signed on. So the idea that we only communicate when a few vocal people on the forum force us to do or that we don't treat our customers well is really unfair to us.

I agree that for those who read the forums, n the future we should be more consistent about communicating changes we make by posting about them here in the forums. But that said, posting in the forums is but one means of communication for us.
Thanks for note on what has been done nice to see what has been accomplished and I think this should be done a couple of times a year so that we do realize what is done.

Originally I was not going to comment on this, at all but STILL question has not been answered. This also raises other issues.

Although frankly some of the things were not broken and are fully covered on many other avenues, i.e., to me there are things that were much more important to help us sell than some of what was done, (shipping, newsletter, new saved page, etc. all covered in other avenues - maybe not as good, but there)

I frankly do not remember a lot of these being announced is there an announcement page of archived announcements? Other than ebay required changes, shipping, newsletter & couple of others. I KNOW sure do not remember announcement on new and improved page being announced BEFORE it was defaulted to it. Not saying they were not, I just seemed to have overlooked them??? I do notice on commerce that when updates are done a lot of them are posted and the commerces thank you profusely for those changes. I do know that as far as templates go there were several threads and comments asking for new templates before holidays this year. Seems to me that would have been perfect time for auctiva to jump on the forums remind us that they had put in new ones on??? Why would auctiva NOT take that opportunity to remind us???? Last I remember being announced was in November 2010 some new holiday ones were put on I believe it was around 20. As far as 1800 templates, yes, upped from 1700, but I do not believe those were all done in 2011, unless I am missing something. I believe when people were asking for new templates I looked under the NEWEST area and did not see some of ones on there now.

The shipping while may be nice for some was I thought prematurely thrown on and again, not ready to be released when it was, it was outdated and required changes and possibly a contest to get people back on to try it. Most of us already had shipping companies in place such as USPS,, ebay, paypal, etc., so this to most was not a necessity of life. (just my thought). Most ebayers have other methods of shipping and I can see this may benefit the commerce segment of sellers if they did not already have a method in place.

I also can't help but notice that the ship rate insurance is higher on auctiva than it is on ebay at least for under $100.00 (which is what I use usually) than on ebay. In all fairness there, though, ebay will not let us insure first class international and auctiva will. but for US shipments this is quite a bit of difference. I would think auctiva rate would be competitive with ebay's at minimum.

The new page question. . as previously been hammered in and STILL is not being answered. WHAT ARE THE NEW and IMPROVED FEATURES??????? We got the deleted image thing yesterday, after asking MANY TIMES. What else besides looks??? (which my concern is function not beauty.) My mommy mobile van is 11 years old and no kids hanging in it and old and outdated like me, but by golley, when I get in it and turn the key zoom on it goes, sometimes as in the case with new page, old and outdated is better than new modern and hard to read and maneuver. Why could this deleted images not have been added to the old page??? Seems easier than re-inventing wheel to just add it. I sure do not remember people asking for new page with deleted image feature? Also, WHY keep the features such a secret??? It is not like this is a covert mission. This appears to be one of those things that was discussed over Happy Hour on a Friday afternoon and perhaps not thought out. . I would guess after done there could have been head scratching. . .like what were we thinking??? Believe me in my younger day, I had many a brilliant idea on Friday that turned out once thought out and/or executed I thought.. what in the world was I thinking. As far as all of the lovers of this, I find it hard to believe that people wrote support loving new page. . and did not defend it on the forums. Let's face it, if that many people LOVED it it would not have been changed and defaulted back to old. I feel auctiva would have chimed in that they were getting love letters on it at the time, not after the fact. If that many people loved it then I am sure it would not have been un-defaulted for just a few of us haters as we have been called. Plus, generally I find people do not write when they are happy, they write when they have a problem.

When ebay requires a change it is to be EXPECTED that Auctiva comply and I would guess that is part of Auctiva's contract with ebay to comply with most of their changes. Just as we are required to comply it would be impossible to do that unless auctiva does update.

***I do specifically remember ebay having nice easy to use tools available for changing our listings which could accomplish the clothing changes really quickly and auctiva CHOSE NOT to get a tool to make it easy like ebays. So this job took weeks rather than a few hours as we had to go into each listing to make changes that were erased when we went to specifics & had to be reentered from scratch on each listing. TO ME THIS WAS HUGE THING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORKED ON THAT COST LOTS OF US MANY, MANY, MANY UNNECESSARY WEEKS!! (YES, ebay made the change, but auctiva could have done a tool similar to ebays to make the changes much easier)

I also, STILL would LOVE to know what else has been changed on the NEW AND IMPROVED listing page. Please auctiva, sell it!!! If I have something new and improved you better believe I would know I have one chance to get people to love it and would sure be throwing all of the benefits out there.

Silence only makes me think there are no improvements that could not have been put on the old page. I also wonder if the deleted images was just put on when they pulled it, so it could be possibly announced that something was new.

I think most of us want speed and other things in feature center and forums (for those that did not make cut on feature screening) we have begged for for months rather than new and pretty.

I hate to sound cynical and do appreciate that auctiva tries to keep up with ebay, believe us we feel your pain keeping up with them. When you have to make changes each of us do also.

I do wish auctiva would take what we "need" to be productive under advisement and not re-create the wheel or add things that other avenues already have at this point. When I look at feature center the same things seem to rot there with very few yea's or nays!!

Can you please send me a link on this. . is this for commerce sellers or for ebayers???
In recognition of the growing trend towards social networking as a eCommerce tool, we provided an integration from our active listing pages to Facebook. This originally took the approach of a simple button, but re-visited this issue with a more comprehensive feature called 'Sell It Social' that allows our sellers to automate the process

Thanks for response, I hope that 2012 will get some of the feature center things and since feature center is basically dead there will be another avenue used for people maybe to vote on what is important to them and auctiva let us know frankly which of these features is feasible. (we know not everything can be done, as different people have different wants that is why a poll would be awesome).

Thanks again for update
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Originally posted by ed neff:
short and sweet

why than did no one know about the New delete Feature on the New page until Yesterday

Short and Sweet, Ed. We had enough feedback about the new saved listings page where the delete feature is located that we decided to hold off publicizing the delete feature until we had updated the ew Saved Listings page based on the feedback.

And it is not untrue that people didn't know about it until yesterday. Indeed this morning I found forum posts from various people including lookandbuyme who mentioned it back in November of last year.
Originally posted by lookandbuyme:

The new page question. . as previously been hammered in and STILL is not being answered. WHAT ARE THE NEW and IMPROVED FEATURES??????? We got the deleted image thing yesterday, after asking MANY TIMES.

Vickie, I noticed that you had discovered the "Delete images when deleting a Saved Listing" feature back in November (as did many other users.) Since everyone seemed to want the "Old" page back ASAP, we didn't feel it necessary to try and tout this particular feature of the "New" page since it was needing a lot of other changes that users asked for (some of which can now be seen on the "New" Saved Listings page.)
Originally posted by lookandbuyme:
Thanks for response, I hope that 2012 will get some of the feature center things and since feature center is basically dead there will be another avenue used for people maybe to vote on what is important to them and auctiva let us know frankly which of these features is feasible.
We don't agree at all that the Feature Center is 'dead.' It will continue to be the major source we look to for ideas we elect to do development on. While we will look at the forums too, the Feature Center we want to be primary because it has a voting mechanism so we can see the popularity of an idea.

Also, we will continue to do a mixture of things from the Feature Center and also adding features to Auctiva that we believe will add value for users and expand our business. We provide a tremendous value for our users at our price point of only $9.95 per month (and still $2.95/month for the basic plan).
Rebecca, thanks. . can you let me know where you found that, I can't seem to locate thread nor can I locate it being noted except in one short thread by one person. . but (not saying it is not there, it probably is be but seeing may refresh my memory a bit or I may be looking under wrong subject matter but did quick search). If I did say it it was because I saw on another thread about this, and I repeated what was read there. Frankly, since I rarely delete images this is really of no interest to me so would sure not have searched for it for sure. I was hoping to find something that I considered improved for my needs. (YES, I know I should delete photos, but I do not because I reuse them sometimes a year later, so until I reach max will save in sold folders). However, for those who wrote and loved it they may have wanted to know about it. I did see one mention by someone else of the deleted image feature and may have repeated from that???

However, in the rare event I discovered it, it really and truly was not up to me to be the announcer for auctiva new features. And I also if posted was probably hoping to find redeeming factor in the new page since we really were not given answers about the new and improved features after asking many times.

I did just find that on December 28th I wrote on forums as my follow up to November 15th (which was cut/pate from feature center showing to do had delete image on it). On Dec 28th I cut/pasted and asked were from that list deleted images were since they had been removed from list.

On January 3rd Rebecca wrote a note that it was on saved listing page (new saved listing page, etc.)

Again, what other new features were on this page when introduced originally.

I do have to say the NEW NEW and IMPROVED PAGE is MUCH MUCH better than the OLD NEW and improved page. MUCH!!!!!!!! Obviously, since I have used it I know some of the new, new and improved features on it but others may not.
I think you did great overhaul of the look and feel of the page. If introduced anywhere like that to start with I think it would have been out of the ball park with comments! (even without new things being added). There is only one small thing I do not like at this point and I think I can work around that or learn to live with it, just may take some time to figure out a get around to it and may use old page for that until it is zipped. I do find speed of new page much better than old, old so far!

Auctiva TOOT YOUR HORN!!!!! If you introduce something new and exciting and improved sell it!! Sell it like you did the contest you ran on the videos!! There was some level of excitement there. Why would I want to switch to chocolate ice cream with almonds rather than nuts unless the company convinced me that I would LOVE IT and to try it!!!

Feature center, either most people do not know what it even is OR they have chosen not to participate (frankly I quit sending feature votes for it as nothing seemed to get many votes or opinions for the # of people on forums and auctiva customers), I for years assumed it was features auctiva offers to its customers (like trying to sell them the product). Even when I found it once from seeing something about it on forums, I forgot where it was to find it again. Now of course, I know where it is and notice today two items have quite a few votes, but in past most have not had near that. (maybe mentioning feature center in forums to much has helped as that is how I discovered it first time) As previously mentioned maybe a name change would get more action. I believe Rebecca commented once on this awhile back.

Also, as far as costs goes I have not heard/seen ONE person complain about what auctiva cost. We have said, which is opinion only which I have shared many times, that I felt support was better when free and just seemed different. . but that is my thought and maybe it was not, maybe it is the expectation when free was low, I do not remember. I sure do not begrudge auctiva for the fees I pay in anyway whatsoever. Of course, auctiva looks at this as say $9.95, I look at as 9.95 x_____ how many users. (yes, some pay less, some pay more).


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the things you listed were communicated Via a message when you sign in. My response to that is, while nice, most if not all that you mention (with the exception of the deletion option) was not really "asked" for but rather decided upon. Honestly I do not know why one who is used to using eBay where you can purchase, print, and ship seamlessly would want to take a step backwards and add more keystrokes to accomplish the same thing. In addition you add in $0,76/$100 for US insurance and the deal is closed.

Why, since you have the time to communicate with us now, do you avoid responding to the suggesting of treating us as you treat the Stores and every release post what has been done. Last time I checked that would be classified as good customer service. Also I would think when folks seriously talk of paying more thee might be some type of a response somewhere somehow.

At the very least tell us that VENDIO and Auctiva aren't in the process of being merged

Am I frustrated dam straight. As I said in another attempt at communicating I dislike Change a lot

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