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Hi katiesteel,

Thanks for posting your question here. We do not currently offer the "Automatically relist this item up to 3 times if it doesn't sell" feature that was recently made available by eBay, but we are hoping to add support for this option as part of a future site update.

I cannot offer you a specific estimate of when we will be able to make this option available at the moment, but I will follow up with you again through this thread when it has been added or any other related information becomes available.

Thanks for the suggestion Bev5. I just spent a few hours revising my listings to take advantage of the free re listing.

Auctiva Mike D ... I appreciate that this is a new feature by eBay so Auctiva hasn't caught up with it as yet. I hope Auctiva will ... sooner rather than later.

In addition, a another eBay improvement that Auctiva should adopt is.

* the ebay phone app allows me to scan a barcode (a book or CD) to prefill my listing - it saves a heap of time. Auctiva app & Auctiva web site don't have this feature

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