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No, sorry, it doesn't take hours, never has and that is not the only issue with the transferring of the is one problem with the transfer there are other things also not transferring over correctly. I only mentioned it separately because there have been so many complaints about the gallery pictures.
The listings are not transferring over properly and this is not on eBay's end either.

It is getting way too convenient to blame eBay for everything.....kinda like it's your browser or clearing cookies and cache is a standard answer but doesn't resolve the problem.

Not sure what is going on but with all these updates being done on Auctiva the issues are getting worse not better.
I do not remember waiting hours. Usually within I post from saved in bulk sometimes 100 + at a time. Then I immediately go to my unsold and compare to active (by photos) removing from unsold as I go. Probably a long way to do this...but trying to avoid duplicate listings.

A couple of times I have had to refresh browser once or twice...but have had to wait hours.

Now have had them not show at all like for day or two, don't know if they would have been longer as I usually remove when I catch them and relist in hopes it works.
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well than I must be misunderstanding the issue because 2 to 3 weeks ago there was something to do with images not being processed by eBay in a timely manner being discussed. My apologies for any confusion my confusion caused

For the old timers in the audience in 2004 it would routinely take an hour or more for images stored on eBay to show next to the newly listed item.
belwo was the issue I was referring to feom 10/17/12

" new post from Auctiva Community > Auctiva’s eBay sellers forum > Image Hosting!

Author Topic: Is anyone else having trouble with their images?
Auctiva Rebecca
Posted October 17, 2012 10:36 AM "
Hi Community,

Looks like eBay is still having widespread issues with their images. I listed a couple items yesterday, and sure enough, one of them has the lovely pink "Your listing is successful but there's a problem with your Gallery picture. See details" message. I tried to fix the problem using their steps, but that didn't work.

Next step: I called eBay. As I was on hold, I noticed that they acknowledged the problem on their System Announcements board. Here's the post in case it is removed:

"We are aware that members may see a longer than usual delay for Gallery images to appear in the search. It is not necessary to try and upload the images again. The images will be displayed within a few hours of listing or revising your items.

Additionally some members using the Simple Listing form are having difficulties uploading images in their listings. As a workaround members can click on the link at the top right of the listing page that will take you to the Advanced Listing form to complete the listing.

Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve both of these issues."

When I was able to talk to someone at eBay, he told me that the problem would be resolved within 72 hours. The system announcement said it should only take a few hours for the gallery images to appear, but it has been 20+ hours since my listing launched and still no gallery image.

Frustrating, I know. I wish there was something we could do to keep these image problems from happening, but it's an eBay issue. Call them and file a report and hopefully the problem will be resolved soon.
My post is from MY experience, not others.

I can't honestly can't account for 2004 (first I could not think back that far) and I don't believe I used auctiva then, believe I started the in 2006 ish with auctiva. I used ebay before then and I probably did not check within seconds of listing posting. But again, I was not posting near as many items as I do now. Since I am somewhat obsessive compulsive am sure I checked and rechecked even then within a few minutes.

But I just looked and according to my records, I did not list on 17th of October, so this had no impact on my listings. There were quite a few days in there that I did not list.

BUT, normally if I see a problem on auctiva...especially if it is acknowledged by auctiva I try to avoid listing until I have given the issue time to settle. Or that I see on facebook and/or forums ebay or auctiva, that people are no longer talking about issue.

Now during holidays that may be totally different story, as I want to get listings on even if I have to hand put the photographs in ebay.

I am not saying I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER had an image issue, as I would almost bet at some point I have. I usually try to contain my comments to last few months. And I do not really consider 4 or 5 images not posting a real widespread issue, though could have posted a note with 4 or 5 missing so that others could check their listings.

I am not a computer tech person by any means, but wonder if issues are sometimes geographic, even within US. As I notice that people in say UK will have a problem that we do not seem to be having, etc.

Just a thought....
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You are missing the point and a factor in this. There were also other aspects of the listing that did not transfer over.
It is not on eBay's end.

Just because eBay doesn't go around blaming everyone else for issues doesn't mean they are all theirs either. There was also an issue with McAfee and then every gallery picture was blamed on that even though not everyone was using McAfee. My issue is also not related to that one.
Not all issues are the same. The cause of the problems are not all the same...and as such all resolutions and answers should not be the same

The issue I posted about was not the issue from a month ago either.

Really....the issues need to be resolved. Auctiva doesn't need help avoiding them.

I talked to eBay before posting here...which you are not aware of and that really doesn't need to be advised. I am far from inexperienced with eBay Auctiva or computers...they checked my whole account backwards and forwards. The listing came over wrong. Period.

It was NOT just the gallery image that was an issue here. Why is that so hard to understand. This is NOT the same issue. I posted it separately because whatever is going on is NOT related to the eBay issue from a month ago. It is not related to the McAfee issue and it is not just the gallery pictures that were affected....but merely one aspect of a larger issue.

Is it because the words "gallery picture" were used and since eBay HAD an issue with that a month ago...this MUST be the same issue?? Just throw are hands up and blame eBay and deal with the fact that nothing will really be fixed. WRONG.

Ed no disrespect and I apologize if this comes across badly or harsh but you are not privy to the inner technical account workings on eBay or Auctiva and not of my account.
You are taking ONE of a few unrelated issues "from a month ago" and trying to make that my issue now and it is not.

It is an Auvtiva issue which is why I posted in on the Auctiva board and filed the corresponding support tickets for it.

I want the issue fixed not swept under the rug, not blamed on other past issues that ARE UNRELATED because someone unrelated that doesn't have specific knowledge of MY ISSUE decided it was not an Auctiva issue when I already know it is and eBay already knows it is and why I posted it here.
It is frustrating enough when Auctiva does it and doesn't listen to what has been said and I am about frustrated out with all this lately.
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