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Got it to work after trying several times with ONE listing, but now getting the same error message with the second.  This time trying to enter a size value of 4 instead of S, M, L, etc.  and getting the following:

eBay listing failed to post for the following reason:

  • Please enter values for all fields marked with '*' in your Custom Item Specifics: Bottoms Size (Women's)


Re-entered all the item specific data again, this time trying (twice) with replacing the "4" with a "S" but still getting this error.  Thought maybe it wasn't accepting a number instead of a letter but that's not the case. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this soon this is not only frustrating but an incredible waste of my time to work on this so long and get nowhere.

I've noticed another error: In your correcting of this issue, Men's Suits/Suit Separates has an item specifics issue.

The Field "Jacket Length" is connected to the Jacket Size field, when it should be (and has previously been) "Size Type" that is connected to Jacket Size.

Please reference how Ebay sets up these item specifics to see what I mean. Thanks.

Hello Doug4567,

Thanks for bringing this up. 

There are a few locations such as this where there are related issues - we are aware of this difficulty and that there are a few categories where an additional update on our end is required.  Please note that for the required Size field if you populate the field for the specific that it currently shows as dependent on, you will be able to enter the size.  So, as long as you have each of the required fields filled out, you should be able to post.

The secondary fix that Jacob mentioned earlier should resolve these issues.  Our engineers are working on a solution for the remaining issues with Custom Item Specifics and we will update this thread as soon as more information becomes available.

Apologies for the continued inconvenience.

 - Craig

Hello Wrigley, 

I just went to eBay and looked at the Record Category.  I don't see a Sub-genre option.  As we pull our item specifics directly from eBay it could be that they have changed what they want in that category and no longer offer sub-genre.  

I did compare our "Genre" list with eBay's and it looks to be identical to me.

I do see "Style" that has a large number of options, but it doesn't seem to be tied to the Genre.  When I change the Genre option on eBay it does not affect the Style options. 

eBay hides their complete list by only providing a partial list of checkboxes and then includes a dropdown to add any of the others.  We have a full list of options as checkboxes. 


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They do have sub-genres.  Choose Jazz and it will the. Have Cool, Bebop, etc. this continues to go round and round as you guys do not have knowledge of the makers to which you operate in.  PLEASE...look at my ticket filed and the screen shots submitted.  The subs are all there bunched together regardless of category....that is the issue as this was never like this 3 weeks ago..,.you chose a genre and the applicable subs it is everything for every category in records.  How many times do I have to explain this....if you were contactable by phone l, we could have solved this weeks I get to spend time sending the same message over and over 


I asked support to forward me your images you mentioned, and I see the Item Specifics window with all options in the *Style* specific.  

If you were to go and check the lister on eBay in this category (Music>Records) you would see something like the screenshot I posted above.  eBay no longer limits the *Style* by the *Genre*. 

I did notice that if you were to post to eBay UK, you get the old experience you are speaking of:

Unfortunately, that is only in eBay UK.  

We pull the Item Specific lists from eBay directly and for some reason they decided to remove the link between *Genre* and *Style*.  Our lister has to reflect what eBay is requesting, and for the US eBay site, they have separated those Item Specifics. 

I hope this helps clarify the situation.  


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