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I have my eBay preferences setup to block buyers who "Have a primary shipping address in a location I don't ship to" and Auctiva is not passing that along to my listings. So even though my eBay was set to block them, my listings were not. I had a buyer in Germany buy a really expensive item because of this error. I went into my eBay site preferences on eBay and (even though it was already checked) re-applied this block to all current and future listings. I am probably going to get a negative now. Thanks again auctiva.

Just to verify, when I started a new listing through eBay before I reapplied the settings it DID have it checked like I wanted it to be.
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Hi striker1211,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you have experienced. However, I really cannot be sure what may have happened in this case because our system should not need to send anything to eBay along with your listings to ensure that your global Buyer Requirements that are configured within your eBay account are enforced.

Although we do not offer the option to select the “Buyers in locations to which I don't ship” buyer requirement on our lister page (like you can when listing through the eBay Sell your Item form), it should automatically be applied to any listings you post through Auctiva provided it has been enabled from the Site Preferences section within your eBay account.

If you did not offer shipping to Germany in this listing and either had the “Buyers in locations to which I don't ship” setting in your eBay account enabled when it was posted or applied that option to your active listings while it was active, eBay should have blocked this buyer from purchasing the item.

According to the eBay forum thread located at ,some other eBay sellers have encountered similar behavior recently so it appears you are not alone.

If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and selecting the “File Support Case” option.

I have verified that the item is checked on eBays lister. I have also verified that when revising my listings (or relisting) posted with auctiva the setting is not being transferred over. It could be an eBay bug, but considering their lister is retaining the setting correctly I would assume it is an API error on auctivas side. If I could have one more seller on here corroborate my experience maybe we could do some troubleshooting.
According to the eBay forum thread located at ,some other eBay sellers have encountered similar behavior recently so it appears you are not alone.

The thread you linked to above is not an eBay issue. It is about a couple sellers that have international buyers with US shipping addresses and that don't seem to know that international buyers are allowed to purchase if they have domestic shipping addresses. The blocks only block international buyers with international shipping addresses.

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