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Hi people, I would like to list this aluminum [] item soon but don't know what it is used for. It measures 6"...handle about 2 " . In the center, it says, "1776---1926, United States Postage [at the top] at the bottom, Cents--2--Cents." There are male figures in the center but don't know what they're doing. Around the number "2" is Battle of...can't make out the rest. On the back,"Country Ware- 1974" some symbols and the number 151 in a box. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Phyllis
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I love things like this , i believe i have found the stamp that it refers to , look here at the bottom of the page

It is apparently referring to the Battle Of White Plains .
but what do you have? Country Ware does produce some Pewter plates , are you sure it is aluminum ?
with it being metal of some sort i believe i would get a picture of it (your link isnt working for me either) and post it on some of the relic hunter forums , google that term to find them .
it may be well worth a little research to price the item right .

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