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I am starting up my store... been working on it for a few weeks but life got in the way. Anyway, since my items only change the title and the pic, is there an easier way to add products? I want to leave the rest of the details the same and to stop having to keep entering weight, desc, etc. Can I do that with ecrater or no?

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NOPE - can't be done. No copy feature. I been begging for one there for over a year.

BUT - in your case I got an idea.

If you have 100 or more items you can use the bulk lister. It's an excel spreadsheet. The image you upload has to be someone on the net - like stored here on Auctiva etc so it can be grabbed and put on ecrater. However, using the bulk lister you can only put one image per listing BUT you can then turn around and manually ad others if you need to.
I want my copy feature - that would make eCrater almost perfect!

Funny thing is earlier today I bumped up both the threads on eCrater about this. I have been putting off listing cause its just a PITA and would be so much easier to have a copy feature.

What I don't like about the bulk upload is that it takes all the text in my description and bunches it all together, no line breaks - so I have to go in and edit them all anyhow which seems like more work in the end Roll Eyes
Originally posted by megnsamsgrace:
Thanks guys... guess its slow and steady... or maybe I will give the bulk lister a try... another ?... how do I pick the featured catergory?

I suggest you go to and click on community and log in and red the froums, this and everything else you want or will need to know is there. Read the 3rd froum in the upper section (I think) there's 2 postings about what to do once you open a store.

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