I have ten identical DVDs (actually, for anyone who is interested, they are Avatar 3D Blu-rays) that I want to sell one at a time via one fixed price listing. In other words, each fixed price sale will be for just one of the 10 discs, but I want the listing to stay active until all ten discs are gone -- via either a 30-day listing or Good 'Til Cancel (which is best??). That way, I won't have to keep relisting each time I sell one of the discs. That should save time and also reduce my insertion fees. However, when I check the "Individual Items" circle towards the bottom of the "Item Details" section and then put "10" in the "Quantity" field, I get a red-box warning when I try and save the settings. It states the following: "Ad did not save for the following reason: Additional cost for shipping options is required when quantity is greater than 1."

Now, the only other alternative that I can see would be to check the "Lots" circle instead of the the "Individual Items" circle, however I am not selling a lot of ten Blu-ray discs. I am selling ten discs, one at a time. If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong, I would appreciate it.
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What Auctiva is asking you is how much will you charge someone for shipping for each additional item they buy if purchased at the same time.

In the Shipping section, you put in the shipping cost for the first item, then just to the right, fill in for each additional item purchased at the same time. This second shippng fee will only take place if the buyer purchases more than one at a time. So you can put the same cost as the first one or discount it a little or make it free. Your choice but you have to put something in that second box if you have more than one to sell.

I have free shipping on everything so it's simple.

I have found, for me, GTC works best. If I update something in an active listing, I don't have to remember to change it in Auctiva. And it's automatic; a big time saver.

Also, supposedly with eBay's new Best Match, the more you sell the higher your listing goes. That's why I list in multiple quantities with variations as much as possible. OOAK usually get buried unless you have a killer price. Also, with GTC, the number you have sold rolls over to the new listing. But if you creat a new listing, you start with zero sold.
I have not made myself clear. Ten DIFFERENT people will buy the ten items -- NOT one buyer who chooses to buy additional items. The system (both eBay's and Auctiva's) ought to be intelligent enough to let me post a listing and then sell down my inventory of a particular item to a number of different buyers via separate and distinct sales transactions, until all ten units of that one item are sold. Otherwise, each time I make a sale I must start my listing all over again. That would get to be a nuisance real fast. I believe I've seen eBay sellers do exactly what I am asking about, but I can't be sure. I think I've seen "Buy-In-Now" listings that indicate, for example, "25 available." Then, when a buyer purchases one of those items, the numerical count decreases to "24 available" so that the NEXT buyer will know how many units are remaining (or perhaps the seller must make that change manually -- I'm not sure exactly how the count changes). Thus, the count decreases as units continue to be sold to different buyers, until it indicates "1 available." Then, when the final unit of the initial 25 quantity is sold the listing ends (assuming that all 25 units have sold within whatever duration one has chosen for the listing). Theoretically, there could be 25 separate and distinct buyers for the 25 units (or, I suppose, 12 people buying two units each and the 13th buyer getting the last one, or any numerical combination thereof -- you get the idea). My main point is that if you have 25 units of an item (in my case, they are all exactly alike), there should be no need to have to put up 25 separate "Buy-It-Now" listings. Please tell me how to do this. As I just stated, I'm pretty sure I have seen this done on eBay. If this is not possible, then eBay is a total rip-off for sellers with a quantity of the exact same item, because of all the extra insertion fees it would generate. The final value fees due on each of the 25 units ought to be enough for them, with just the one insertion fee good for the duration of the listing.
I was busy editing my previous post (please see revisions above) to make it more clear while you were responding, so I didn't see what you just wrote. Are you saying that I just need to specify what my nine additional buyers will pay for shipping (which makes no sense, because they will pay exactly what the first buyer paid for shipping, which is "free")? Again, I'm not trying to sell multiple units to one buyer. I don't think most people need more than one copy of AVATAR 3D! Let me add that I really appreciate your help, as I am trying to get this question answered before I make my listing at 10:00 pm EDT this evening. I will try what you are suggesting, but your answer suggests that you still think I am trying to sell multiple units to one buyer. My goal: ten units of the exact same item sold to ten different buyers via just one "Good 'Til Cancel" listing. Is this possible, and if so, how?
What Auctiva is asking you is how much will you charge someone for shipping for each additional item they buy if purchased at the same time.
Your statement, quoted above, makes me think that I have not made myself clear. Again, my apologies, DLOHO, if I misconstrued your answer; however, it does seem that your response does not address the specifics of my situation.
As I ponder your answer, DLOHO, I think I may (finally) be getting it. When I list a quantity of ten, Auctiva/eBay wants to know if I'd be willing to give a break on the shipping costs just in case one buyer wants to buy multiple units. Because I didn't fill in that space (since I don't expect to sell multiple copies of the same Blu-ray title to the same individual), eBay rejected my listing. What you seem to be saying is that by filling in that field, eBay will accept my listing. Then, when I sell the first of these ten units, my GTC listing won't simply end. It will continue, so that the next nine buyers can make their own separate purchases. All without my having to re-list after each sale. Is that about the size of it?

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