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For the past several months, I've been unable to use the new HTML5 uploader. When I try to batch upload several images at once, it looks like it's processing the first image, but gets stuck every time. I've tried resizing the images below the maximum image size, but it still gets stuck. I tried emailing tech support last week, but had no response.

My son took a look at it today, and told me to write what my browser and operating system is. I am using Firefox, and my OS is Windows 10. Also, that when it got stuck, he checked a developer console and saw a very large amount of errors that said "NS_ERROR_FAILURE" (it started around 400 and kept rising into the thousands and didn't stop after several minutes).

I read the forums, and it sounds like that maybe other people are having similar problems with their uploads? Can somebody please address this issue?
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our situation is the reverse of yours
we have the same difficulty but resizing does work for us.
the difference is that we are using Windows XP and FireFox 29.0 so they are much older then this application was developed for and we live with that.
the reason we do not use the "latest and greatest" as you are is for the reason you have seen not everything works. why on earth would you be using windows 10 on a machine that you make a living using for online sales. add to the the most current version of FireFox and it is no wonder there are issues. when you filled your support case did you not inform them about your operating system and FireFox version. the difference for you is that eventually they will support what you mention because others will have to move to it. Please take a bit of advice I learned in the 70-s don't be the first to use anything related to a computers let others be the "brave" ones and work out the problems. believe me when I say there is no on piece of software that dose not have a problem it is just that some are more server then others. If at all possible go back to windows 7 and an earlier version of FireFox

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