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Please tell me What this means ?? Duplicate Variation Specifics trait value in the Variation
Specifics Set container.
I know it has something to do with the items listed in my drop down box but not sure what to do.
In the listing I give the customer the choice of twin or xl twin size bed in a bag, and their choice of the color they want for the same price. Please help if you can
Original Post
Hi Okies Deals,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. The API error message that you mentioned is returned when the same value is listed twice for one or more variants that have been created for the listing.

It appears that you have since removed the variations from the listing in order to post it successfully but, if you had reviewed the Variation Summary within the listing after receiving the error, I believe you would have seen the same value listed twice, most likely using different capitalization.

Assuming that the two versions of the duplicate value appeared different, you could have resolved the problem by removing any variations associated with the unwanted version of the duplicate value and then re-adding those variations such that the value appears exactly the same in all variations.

Ideally, our system would be able to proactively recognize this problem and prevent the type of duplicate values that lead to this error from being created and we hope to be able to update our system to accomplish that with a future site update.

I hope this helps clear up what happened. If you encounter this error again and you are unable to see behavior like I have described here, please contact our customer support team by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and selecting the “File Support Case” option and we will do our best to help you out.


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