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I enjoyed this article.

One of the greatest choices I have made on eBay is to open and eBay store. This reduced my listing costs for fixed items to 5 cents even for multiple item listings. This is probably a pretty rudimentary choice, but if you haven't done so yet, look at the fee structure and think about it.

I am still avoiding the Variations type of listing (i.e., listing Elizabeth Arden Lipstick once with the choice of colors in a drop down list resulting in one listing)

It has been my belief that when people are shopping for a particular color, the picture plays the biggest role.

Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with the Variations listing? Please share.
You look fabulous. . I do use multiple variations for items that they allow it and that I can use them on and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I find myself looking for items that I can buy in multiples for this reason, it is so much easier.

Unfortunately, ebay has not done multiple variations for lipstick, eye shadow, etc so we can't use it. (they do allow for nail polish and make up bags), but not other cosmetic items. I do not have lipsticks, cosmetics (mostly loreal, maybelline, etc., not dept store) listed right now hoping they will get variations but am getting ready to move elsewhere to list those unless ebay updates pretty soon. It also is much easier to keep up with inventory, saves time as well as money, and since time is money it is double savings there.

I write them constantly and have posted on board asking when/if new releases will be made or if this is abandoned. They did 2 releases last being March 2010. When I write I get basically no response so resorting to forums in hopes other will want or we will get some answers. I keep writing, chatting etc., hoping someone will get the message.

Once you list this way, it is HARD not to want it in every category AND I did see the variations I had selling faster than the other items.

This is truly to me the BEST, BEST, BEST change they have made in YEARS and YEARS and I am not huge on change period (too set in my ways) .. but LOVE this one!!!

IF this is something you may want in future, I would also post on ebay forums and write them, every time you chat, call, etc., ask about it.

Again hee's a guy rewriting the Help files form the website which are designed to make money for ebay.
Use the Reserve Price optionb, Pay the FEEs from it and watch while NOBODY BIDS because there is a reserve on the aiction.

and another...
Start it at 9.99 or .99 cents and not pay the high fees...
Then watch your item, heirloom, hard work go down the yard sale toilet with a sale and final bid price too low to pay the free shipping eBay told you to offer, or the final value fees... if anything, you might break even, but don't count on it.
one more...
relist fees.
IF you sell it the second time around eBay will refund your fees.
BUT if you sell it the THIRD time around eBay will sweetly charge you THREE TIMES A MUCH. You will have the fees and FVF on listing attempt #1, #12, .
if you sell it the 4th time around you get to pay the fees on #1, & #2 & #4! #3 will be credited to you like the first would have been if you sold it the second time.
let it go another two rounds and you get to pay for listings #1, #2, #3, #4, & #6
if you fee was .75 cents ebay just made $3.75 off of you, [plus the 9% FVF Plus the reserve fee, Picture Pack, pretty-pretty template.
and you only sold it for $20 bucks.

\My suggestion:
Do GOOD research.
very clearly state what ou are selling in the title make it easy to find.
Be complete in your details.
USE Auctiva for your pictures if you need as many as the Picture Pack will hold.
for 3.00 a MONTH you have a Gig of space and can use their templates for free.

If Not use the one free gallery pic.

Relisting .
carefully consider the title, information and img.
can you tweak it?
what has soled well in our category and what could you do to imitate that listing method and look?
Keep it simple and original if possible.
If it does NOT sell the second time definitely make some changes
Close on Thurs and Sun.
people get paid every two week more often than not, and these are usually consistent.
consider the price... last thing... don';t be bullied into a garage sale, but know your market.
Consider if it is a slow moving item, using the 30day listing available with the Fixed price option.
The FVF will be 12% but if the item is costly and you wan t a GOOD price for it, you might can increase the price a bit and let it ride a whole month.

If you an't get a realistic and justified price on ebay, search for an alternative with infinite listing time and fees only if it sell.
e-crater may still do this.
don't abandon eBay.
there is NO competitor-PERIOD. But some items may need to very long term arrangement on another venue rather than escalating fees on ebay.

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