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I've been working on listings from about 9pm EST last night (10.18) until now 12.33pm EST (10.19) and am noticing the strangest thing with the posting times on ebay...

Some listings are posting out of order as if I had posted them several minutes to hours earlier...other postings are showing up as 30d 00h 59m..since when does ebay give you an "extra hour"??

On some listings I'm losing as much as an hour on my auctions (all of these are store listings mind you)....then I'll refresh my auction page and some seem to be corrected...but I still have others that DEFINITELY posted OUT-OF-ORDER.

What's the deal?? Anyone know? Is the glitch with ebay or Auctiva? I would think ebay....right???? Confused

Very weird....
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Hmm........ After i just read what you guys telling here, i've got cold rush..... This must to be it. As of today, Oct 20, i woke up full of energy and plans to list few thing on e-bay through Auctiva. But guess what? now it is 10 PM, and i couldn't accomplish a thing besides relist unsold item. And the rest of the day i spent trying to find out why when i triyng to post my item, it gives me failure due to this one:"Either your Description, Location, or Checkout Instructions appear to have Java script in it according to eBay. eBay is very strict about anything that looks like it may be Java script. Try checking your description for parenthesis and try posting without them if they do exist." C'mon, i don't even know what Java is! And robot telling me i wrote description, or location on the Java language!!! This is weird. I spent few hours retyping letter by letter cause i thought i got some scripts by copy and paste process, but still for nothing. I don't know anymore.... Anyone knows what it could be???

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