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I had a problem appear recently on my PC. Initially I noticed it was taking a long time for my PC to shut down. Then I ran all the scans, AV, Adaware and Spybot - several things were picked up, including a Trojan Eek I got rid of all those, but still it was taking a long time to shut down, and there was a certain sluggishness overall, with processor usage being over the top in my opinion.

What I did was reinstall IE7 (it didn't lose any of my settings, I just ran the .exe file again), and lo and behold, I was back to normal (well, OK, maybe I wasn't, nor ever will be, but my PC was! Big Grin ).

Might be worth a try Shirley?
Hi ya'll.
Taz, I use FF. The only thing I use IE for is to load my pics, and that's on the other computer (laptop here) 'cause that's where the camera dock is. FF is the second thing I installed, after AVG. Wink That's true with any new computer we get. lol

Miss Member, I've seen you post that before and am glad. I know that wouldn't be true for me. lol Smile I just don't care for IE since learning about FF years ago.

Ninth and Pete, I've never seen ya'll post what browser you use. I pictured both of you as FF users. Big Grin

So a big DUH while writing this. I checked the other computer and it's fine. Must be something I've picked up on here. I know the network connection is secure with a gobbledygook pw. lol I'll run more scans and reinstall FF. What's so strange is that it's only on eBay and no other sights. Confused Bizarre indeed!

Thanks all you wonderful Auctiva boardies. I love this place, our place! Wink I'll let ya know how it goes.
HA! You KNOW I'll never tell. Wink mmm let's see how I can help the guys out... it's not gender specific, is it Miss M? LOL
About Chicago, I wondered China town too with a puzzled expression. lol Somewhere I saw Chicago... maybe BC, or did I just dream it? hah

Pete, I figured it was like "a bunch of hogwash" Big Grin I ain't a Yankee, Southern born and bred. lol It's not offensive though. I love listening to people with accents talk, doesn't matter what kind. I could listen for hours, though I may or may not understand even half of it. Razz

My guess for Ninth - Aaron Smile

I've done everything I know to do and then some. eBay's loading now at least. Is still pretty slow though. Maybe I'll go hang out on the geek board and see what I can find. I'll fit in there like a square peg in a round hole. Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Hey Taz. Yeh, I did uninstall and reinstall it. As well as AVG and hmmm, something else that I don't remember now.

Scanning, there were a few spywares, no more than any usual unclean scan. I like those that come back with nothing. lol

Pete, I'd forgotten about Spybot so went and got it. I love that program and can't believe I forgot to put it on here.

Vista is an adjustment but nothing to do with whatever the problem is (hopefully 'was'). I dunno. Confused
Hi all. You are absolutely not going to believe this!

This is the second time I've been dumped into the playground on eBay. The first time, I saw it happen and got right back out.

I suppose I've been in the "playground" all this time I've been having problems because as soon as I got out of it (just before coming here), everything is as fast as it gets on there!!! I'm sooooo mad!!!! Mad

I have no desire to be in their stupid playground. grrrrrrr
THIS is where I play... well, on Ninth's POLL thread. lol
Oh I believe it! My ebay page keeps showing me that link 'checkout our new playground' or whatever it says. NO WAY...I'm afraid once I go in I'll never get out. I swear it amazes me that new users can actually buy things anymore. Not to mention the UGLY pages they've created--you go into your messages and can't even tell if it's been read or not, the white background is blah, the home page takes a few seconds to load (which is slow on high speed DSL) and you get the picture Mad
OK my rant is over...glad you got to the bottom of the problem.
Isn't that just crazy! It's given me the link you get to, and I agree... NO WAY! I'm just in awe that it dumped me in there like that (twice), though nothing should surprise me. I thought the pages just weren't fully loading, after it would take forEVER for it to partially load. Well, NO, that's how it looks I guess.

And the messages, I know. It tells me I have a message or 3 or 6, can't tell if it's been opened or not without going into it and I've already read them. WHY is it telling me I have new messages when I don't? rhetorical lol

Okay, off my soap box, for the moment anyway. Big Grin
Hey Pete! Good morning. Smile

Southern Belle... I picture that being like Miss Scarlet and that's sure not me. LOL Rebel is quite befitting. Wink

That playground, it's just the opposite! Eek Scary place to be!

Hope you have a happy day!

Miss M, I bet you're right about a rant thread would get more speaking up. lol Nikkii is my oldest granddaughter's name. Smile
I'm not sure Pete, like I said I've avoided clicking on the link. But sometimes Ebay will use you as a guinea pig without your knowlege, which is probably what happened to Shirley.

When they were testing their new 'search' which was a horror btw, I was dragged into that...had to clear cookies & cache every time I logged on just to get out of it. They finally put an 'opt out' link in there after all the complaints they got. I wish they would just leave it all well enough alone Mad
Okay, here's an update. I posted this on an eBay board. I hope it helps someone keep from going bonkers.

And I hate that they call it the 'playground'! This is serious...

I'm stuck in the playground and can't get out!
I got put back into it this morning. No links show anywhere but I know I'm there. Even before going to Live Help. The second time I went, I got someone that actually cares, did all he could and is smart - Matthew. I even kept getting booted out of there. I'd ask for him back and would have to start over with a new person explaining the problem. I started just asking them to look up my other sessions that ended abruptly. Thankfully, one of those times, he was available again. We tried for over two hours. Now it's up to engineering.

In the meantime, I can't use the site much. I'm grateful the ASQ I had didn't hide their email address!

How am I here or anywhere else on eBay? lol (gotta laugh or cry) I've opened two browser windows, one for this and one to go elsewhere while waiting. I opened another tab here, to put on top and hide it because it irritates me to no end seeing it processing.

Engineering told Matthew that they haven't heard of this problem. That there shouldn't be any reason I'm not seeing the playground links. Let's try clearing cache and cookies again and see what happens. Beyond that, he honestly didn't know what to do.

Well, I've been very patient and I blew, telling him it's nothing personal. That's the same thing they told me when I went to them with the pay button problem. It was an unusual and unique issue and I got blown off, though she said she'd tell the technician department. (Remember how many started having that same issue in October, with rollout to repair on November 16th or 18th?)

I told him just because they haven't heard of it happening doesn't mean it won't because it has, to me, now.

And I'm very unhappy to hear this. I need help and should be able to get the help I need so I can list and deal with my current customers. And that since engineering hasn't heard of it, maybe they should pay me to present these problems to them since I seem to come across them when they're totally unheard of. Maybe they should take this 'playground' issue as a heads up for what's to come.

He had me run a search and give him the URL. HE could see the playground links where they're suppose to be. It was a bunch of gobbledygook for me and only one link was hidden in a row of gift pics. I highlighted all the text and found it. It didn't get me out though.

He's filed the report with the site engineers and it should be fixed shortly. I believe him, the part about reporting it, not the time frame. Smile He was quite frustrated at not being able to help me get up and running again.

His theory, and I think he's right, "From the sound of it, it looks like this "eBay playground testing" locks onto a member's IP Address." I think the engineers that will be repairing this should listen to him. I hope they do.

I was feeling somewhat like an idiot for not seeing that link before yesterday. Not any more. I'm once again sure it wasn't there and just happened to show up on the page where I saw it to get out. For a few hours. Now I'm locked in without a key. In the eBay Playground Twilight Zone! :_|
Wow what a mess Mad
I'm sure there was no link when you looked for it, things on Ebay have a way of appearing and my 'sold items' column. Same thing...POOF* gone.It's not a big deal for now, but it will be next time I list. I did manage to get them back by custonizing my sold column for 'custom past 60 days' which I really don't want but it's the only way I can see the stuff.
I feel for ya Miss S! If only there were a really competitive auction site elsewhere, ebay would go bankrupt. I know I'd leave in a heartbeat. And speaking of the Twilight Zone that is ebay, on their DBs we used to say 'It's Rod'
Hope things get straightened out!
Hey Miss M. Smile
The site is just so full of glitches, it's amazing. Right now, it's a bit faster and I hope it lasts and continues the path to recovery. hmph!

You're absolutely right! It's the traffic that keeps us coming back for more, IMO. I've tried the crater. I may give it another whirl. I find it hard, for me, to keep what's on one site off the other. I'm afraid I'll list something at the same time. Eek

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