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Hello Community,

As you're hopefully all aware, eBay is requiring new item condition values in many categories.

Starting July 27, you'll need to specify these new values when you list, re-list, or sell similar in the affected categories.

Listings subject to the new requirement will fail to post if the new item condition value is not used.

When you create new listings in Auctiva, our system will detect any non-compliance and alert you to the problem before you save, schedule or post the listing. However, older listings that are set to automatically relist are not protected by this safeguard.

We recommend that customers check all your listings—especially auto-relists—and, if need be, update the item condition.

Auctiva recently introduced support for the new item condition requirement which is built into the One-Page Lister. Also, we expanded our "Find and Replace" capability to let you easily update item condition in your saved listings.

If anyone needs a refresher on how to update your item conditions, please see our item condition FAQ which takes you through the process, step-by-step. If you need more help, then contact Auctiva Customer Support.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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Couple of questions. Can anyone there tell me the date that auctiva would not let listings post without the new requiremments on them. I am trying to figure out how far I need to go back and check. Hope that makes sense???

When editing in bulk, we need to do this twice right, once on SAVED LISTINGS and ONE ACTIVE LIVE LISTINGS both through auctiva system, right??? If we do not change in both then they will not post if we do from saved later right???

Also, did I read that good till cancelled listings will not take effect until 2011?? Seems I read that on ebay?? Also, IF so do we know that in 2011.

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Hi Vickie,

eBay's enforcement commences on July 27, so they will fail listings of that date if someone attempts to post/relist them without the new item conditions (for the categories they apply to). The note I posted above is to alert people to pay attention to items that will relist and make sure those have the item condition updated. You are correct that listing posted from saved will fail after the 27th if the item condition does not meet eBay's requirement.

You can change the item condition for saved listings but if you want to revise live listings, you will need to that thru eBay. We don't have support for changing live listings yet, because eBay has is not enforcing changes to GTC listings yet.

Yes, GTC listings will not require the new item conditions until 2011. As far as I have seen, eBay has not yet stated exactly when they will do this.

Hope this helps.
Seems like there is a problem with the "Item Condition" now. I'm trying to relist the ones that failed due to not having Condition specified, and went to Find and Replace to do several at a time. After having chosen "United States" in the "Select a site" frop-down menu, you are supposed to choose a category. Well, there is no category - only a message saying "There are no listings in this category and site combination that need an item condition update". I haven't even chosen a category!!! And if I open them one by one, I can see that the Item Condition is not filled out, so obviously it needs to be updated. Now I have to update them one by one??? Oh yes, of course, I have nothing else to do!!
Apparently, Customer Support knows nothing about this. After emailing them a couple of times trying to explaing the issue (the Find and Replace funtion doesn't work to edit Item condition in bulk), I get the following answer:

"You need to go the scheduled relistings section and open the listing and select the "Item Condition" from the drop down option which is given at the right side of listing and then click on Relist Now or the Schedule Relist button."

In other words, you have to edit them (change the item condition) one by one! Now, it worked to do through Find and Replace a couple of days ago, mind you. But not now. And the "answers" to my questions to Customer Support are no answers at all.
Mike or Tony, do you guys know anything about it?

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