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ok. i'm a sad puppy. i just got my first 'non-positive' feedback. (neutral, but might as well be a neg as far as i'm concerned.)

the feedback stated 'item took too long to receive. not a very good product ok transaction tho' (not verbatim, but perty close ... it was for a laptop/book case).

i mailed the item w/i 48 hrs. of payment. it went from southeast fla. to north of central cali (near sacramento). it was sent parcel post and took 9 mailing days. (parcel post says 2-9 days).

i emailed them and said that basically i was surprised and disappointed at their feedback comment. i told them what i said in the above para., that it was parcel post, 9 days across the COUNTRY, which is w/i the alloted postal time ... said that in my auction i stated i accept returns if contacted, that i was sorry they didn't notify me first, and that i was sorry they were not happy w/ their purchase. i also said 'the feedback you left was for me, not the usps or for ******* (the company 'name brand' that made the product). i have to say i admit i feel it was undeserved.' i closed by stating i hoped they would reconsider their feedback, if that was poss.

i received a reply:

You are correct in that perhaps the feedback left was not deserved. I just felt that the package arriving 9 days after auction end was a little excessive. I recieved 2 items I purchased days after this one before I recieved your item. I would like to return the item to you due to the fact that I would not carry my $1200 laptop in it. It would be okay for a beach bag or travel bag but it's not made well enough to carry a laptop in. If you will accept the return, I would be willing to leave a positive feedback. I don't think I can retract the nuetral one but I can leave a positive explaining the misunderstanding. Let me know if you agree to this solution and if so how I make the return. Sorry for the inconvienience."

after checking i know they can't retract their feedback, just comment. frankly, the fact that she admits it was undeserved, and then says 'sorry for the inconvienience' really irks me. this is my reputation she 'inconvienienced'. she didn't even try to say that she wasn't happy and could she return it until after i contacted her. and of course, i am a fairly new seller, and have still been under the 'good karma guide' of leaving feedback as soon as item is paid for.... realizing now why sellers DON'T DO THAT!!! (now i will wait til i know the trans. is over and everyone's happy... tho i'm not sure i want to) and of course since they emailed me for an invoice after the auction, (which is rare i find, for any buyer to make contact) i said 'good communication' in their feedback b4 knowing their was a problem. (another lesson learned).

here's the dilema... do i try to see if she'll do a mutual retraction, then we can both post positively that the we agreed to cancel the trans., or do i just let her add a comment to her neut. feedback? frankly, i don't see how she could fix it (unless her comment says 'my bad, i was grumpy'). and then 'if you will accept the return, i would be willing...'

sounds like a threat... ish... i dunno...
anyway, grrr, argh, at the whole mess... seeking resolution AFTER no contact and leaving neutral feedback... thoughts, comments, suggestions, (pls. no spankings, i've had enough torture for one day! Wink ) on how to reply and/or deal with this? thanks in advance!

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I think Mutural retraction, still leaves the feedback she left, it just removes the netural icon. Not to sure, I'm sure someone eles can confirm this. I would not be nasty in the reply on feedback,(you do know you can reply on the fb you have already left) just give the facts and be professional, most buyers will understand, she was not patient, maybe she just used the delivery time as an excuse, because she did not like the product..just a guess.

And because I mostly sell used items, I will wait for feedback first, just in case. Everyone sees things different, and what one may see as good condition another one great, yet another one poor. If I were selling brand new items daily, then I think that leaving fb first is ok, but you never know, you are dealing with strangers. (funny while writing this, I'm watching People's court-and there is a lawsuit about Ebay-and leaving Neg FB). Eek

Good luck! I feel for you!
You know, I just started selling again and wouldn't you know, one of the first things I sold, I had a conflict. I sold a set of jadite dishes, shipped them immediately after payment and the buyer e-mailed to tell me they'd been ground down, they looked awful, one was chipped, blah, blah, blah. I was shocked! She said she wanted to return them and wanted her posted refunded both ways. She said "after you refund my purchase price AND my return postage, I will leave you positive feedback, if not....?"

I thought she was going to pull a switch on me, but she didn't. I got the dishes back and they're absolutely perfect! So I figure it's buyer's remorse, but I felt so threatened by her comment, that I did refund her payment and the return postage. I don't know if that would be considered feedback extortion, but the whole thing made wish I hadn't started selling again.

I had one negative before and it was from someone who didn't even pay me!!
I recieved 2 items I purchased days after this one before I recieved your item.

I don't think I've actually run into this yet but this sort of mentality always really annoys me when I hear about it. Dumb, dumb buyers. Some people don't grasp that there are multiple shipping methods and that different locations are different distances from one another..

queen, you should be able to mutally retract and I think the comment will remain. Just be sure to reply to the comment with the facts. I'm sure any buyers who actually bother to check feedback won't even be phased by it.
Here's the link for feedback extortion. Frankly I'd hit eBay like white on rice reporting feedback extortion.

She can't detract her neutral. She can do a mutual withdrawal. The comment will be left and that's all.

If they find her to be guilty of feedback extortion her account will be NARU'd. If she's within her for 90 days..then her feedback will be withdrawn.

There are quite a few eBooks, articles and more explaining how to scam SELLERS on eBay, Yahoo, any site that has a feedback system in place. And what you described is one of the methods.

Queenie,I'm sorry this happened to you. Get with eBay immediately. Save all correspondence between you and she. Do you have a store, they have a phone number you can call? If you're a powerseller get on the horn and squawk at them that this is feedback extortion.

Good Luck,
I feel for you queen, I have had buyers try this with me before, I have taken 2 negative feedbacks because I won't play the game. In my opinion you can't ever give in to morons like this, it only encourages then to do it more. I still have a 99% + rating and I always post a reply to the neg/neut. Setting up the auto-feedback through Auctiva is a great tool for us, it leaves + feedback for those that leave it for us, and allows us to determine the course of action for Nuetral or Negs. Just letting the buyer know tha tyou only leave FB AFTER it has been left for you deters a lot of the BS. Try not to take it personal, some people are idiots and others are just plain jerks.

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