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Hi everyone, I now have my permanent website up ( )and this one is not a free one..this one is mine all mine and Im very pleased with it. I have already started advertising and plan on really building this site up, unlike my other ones that were free I will be adding alot of items to this one. Ive only had it for about 5 days now and I am already starting to see traffic daily.
Anyway, On my home page in my category window to the left..I have tons of room for links. I will put a simple link with a name of your choosing to your site in my category list on my home page in exchange for a simple link of the same on your sites home page. Im only going to exchange maybe 10 links this its going to be first come first serve. Every little bit helps. There's no such thing as too many links for any of If I had my rather's I would rather have links with the same site content as mine...collectibles and such..but it doesnt really matter. It has to be your site link..and not an ebay link. I wont do ebay links of any kind. My ebay link is the only ebay link on there and thats the only ebay link I want on offense. Anyway, if you would like to exchange a link with me..just send an email with the name you want your link to be and the address url to: ( I will email you when your link is active and give you my link name and address url.

This deal is going to be based on trust that we will keep each others link on our home page. If I find I need to remove your link I will let you know before I do it..and If you need to remove mine..I will expect the same respect in return. You only have to keep track of your link on my site..but I have to keep track of just doesnt seem fair..lmao

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from any of you that are interested. Thanks and good luck on your sales! William Smile
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Originally posted by Fatman:
Good looking Site! I was surfing some and found something I didn't like. When I clicked on your page, I kept having to fight bravenet redirect's & pop-ups. Had to work to stay at your site.

Other than this, It is looking good, and you should do great!

Yea sorry about the pop ups...they are supposed to be pop unders..but they arent working's only temporary anyway..just to draw some people in till the site gets listed in the search engines and directories ive applied for..they take forever sometimes it seems to get you listed. I am now working on a partners page with back links...truly a pain in the arse...You would think there would be an easier way to do it...I have yet to upload a links partners file and not have trouble with it. But then Im no website guru...I know enough to get by Thanks for the compliments...I noticed ecrater isnt loading well at all today anyone know why? I couldnt get the message boards to load to find out. Thanks, William
The site is clean and neat. I too had the bravenet thing come up and looked around what I must have clicked to have it come up like that to a new page. Curious, You have already had 23,000 some odd hits already. My home page has been up for nearly 4 years and still only nearly 90,000 page hits so far since starting at 1. I've had 1839 invoices/sales so far. That is with my bonsai-martdotcom site. However my is also very new and incomplete. I don't even have a product up yet one can purchase. I do have the links exchange thing on there and it just kicked in yesterday. I was already listed in yahoo, msn, google, but was way down the lists and no traffic. However with the links, I just moved up and on a msn search for some store, 2 of my store categories came in on the first 10 returns. I'm stoked to say the least. So when the engines pick you up and the link exchange thing kicks in we will already be linked on 2 of my websites, bonsai-malldotcom and bonsai-wholesaledotcom. I really took a risk on this link thing thinking it could be detrimental to my sites, but in fact has helped them. Thanks to southernjewl I think that posted it in the first place.
Originally posted by Daddyo:
Thanks to southernjewl I think that posted it in the first place.

I accept GBuy or Paypal..whichever you prefer.
<big smile>

Always does my heart good whenever I've helped someone.

I'm a BIG believer in link exchanging...I'll trade with you, if you trade with me.

I'll add you to bunches of my sites piddly sites that are ranked decent in the engines.

The more links you have out there the better!

Lemme know,
Suthrnjewl at Suthrnjewl dot com

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