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I am having a issue with listings. Ebay CS suggested I check with you, though I doubt it is a problem with auctiva.

2 BIN items, and those 2 items only(so far), the category keeps switching to a wrong category. I tried revising, I tried relisting and I even tried starting from scratch in Auctiva with a brand new listing. The listing starts out correct, but within a hour or so, it changes to the wrong category. Weird. I've been talking to CS about 4 times in the last 2 days, and they have no idea. (Surprise surprise) I just hope it doesn't start happening to other listings or new ones. :smileysad:
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Hi Dalin,

Thanks for posting about your experience here.

I have not heard of the specific behavior you described before but, given that the listing categories changed *after* the items in question were submitted to eBay, I do not see how this could be a result of anything on the Auctiva side of things.

However, I have seen eBay redirect items to different categories than were selected during the listing process based on the provided UPC details on occasion, so perhaps they have a similar process in place to automatically move active listings to different categories when they meet certain conditions.

In any event, I believe that continuing to pursue this through eBay's Customer Support team is the proper course of action here. Hopefully they will be able to get to the bottom of this and provide you with an explanation soon.

Hi Mike, just a update and FYI. It is still happening...sporadicaly(spelling? hahah)...but only in the Lionel 1945-69 category. It switches to O scale details.
CS this evening suggested I create a few brand new listings through Ebay only, to try and isolate the problem. I will try that tonight. I'll keep you updated.

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