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Pretty sad when I have a 4.9 in Item as described but am in the top 10%-25%... I can only be 0.1 better but am not in the top 10%. I also have a 4.5 in shipping charges and am in the bottom 10%-25%... I've been losing money on my shipping charges lately and my items don't sell for enough money to ship for free so this really sucks!!!
We are their customers and they treat us like crap.

Are you being treated like crap? eBay has taken to think of sellers vs buyers in a different way. I think that's the key fundamental difference of this new management team.

YES, we the sellers pay the site all the money it makes, we "made it what it is" so to speak, so you'd think we'd be considered their customers, and the ones that should be treated with kit gloves.

But think about it a second. Without buyers, the sellers don't mean much do they? Without sales, All they get would be listing fees, which are only a small fraction of the total fee taken. No sales, no money for the site. So it's in eBay's best interest to generate sales, motivate buyers, Make sure buyers don't leave, don't get screwed, don't talk bad about the site.

Once you calm down about all the changes and look at a bigger picture, you begin to see the method in the madness.

"Has Jeff been drugged?" you are saying. No, and I haven't been given a eBay implant either. Rather than be mad all the time, it was time to try to analyze what's going on and why, and basically that's what I've come up with.

Face it folks, a few bad apples have ruined it for all. I'm referring to bad sellers. The ones that overcharge postage, give retaliatory feedback, give buyers a reason not to come back, and in the process talk badly about eBay to their friends.

Solution? None. Stay here or go someplace else. I'm only trying to explain how I see all these changes. Donna mentioned more changes are coming. We probably won't like them either, or will be shocked by them. One day at a time.
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Has Jeff been drugged?" you are saying.

I'm saying YES Wink

Usually I agree with you JeffS but...I can't help but think of all the truly horrible sellers that are allowed to get away with everything because they make the biggest bucks for Ebay. They would be Platinum PSs but they're not because they have so many negs. I asked before if anyone remembered bargainland? Look them up...but they left on their own, the worst I ever saw happen to them was a one day suspension. There's also a very large volume HD dealership that left on their own, but had a terrible track record.

My point were RIGHT to be mad, and you should still be a smaller seller I have to watch every little thing I do for fear of getting buried in the search. The 'big boys' can do whatever they want. 2 sets of rules...

There is no you, I will stay here, my items are selling well, and I just try not to dwell on how much I've grown to dislike Ebay. (Pass your 'Ebay drugs' this way will ya) Big Grin

JMHO Smile
There have always been two sets of rules at eBay. But I've never run afoul of the set that applies to me.

Your monster sellers have as many negatives as I'd expect them to have. When you do thousands of transactions a month, not everyone is going to be happy. Bargainland sold close out crap. You get what you pay for. Some people apparently don't understand that.

I don't feel I'm in any competition with the big guys. I have nothing in common with them, nor do they with me.

I can't stay mad forever. eBay isn't worth getting an ulcer over. It's there to make money off of, whatever money I can get. I still say there's some logic in my thoughts.

As for "disliking eBay", I've disliked them for years, but at the same time have made thousands. I have to keep that dislike in perspective.
How much have you sold since the new fees went into effect?

Can you compare it against the previous month (or months) where you grossed a similar amount?

Compare the fees for the two months. How much more did you have to fork over?

What's the percentage difference between these two?

I'm just curious.

I'll see if I can get you some numbers from my sales.
quote: link.

Well, my DSR just dropped from 4.9 to 4.8 just a moment ago,(must of been right on the edge) in "Item as Described" - #160231212111 AND IT WAS A 100% DONATION!!!! I made nothing on this sale. I had been watching my DSR ratings trying to get everything up as high as I could. I tell you it was exact... TULIP BULBS FOR GOODNESS SAKE, the size of bulb was correct, the amount you would receive was correct....I described what the plant would look like eventually, the height, zone to plant in, when it will bloom, the color of the bloom, how to plant it on and on.....what else should I said about a tulip bulb...DO YOU think it's because I didn't say the bulb was kind of roundish in shape. NOT SURE??? hmmmmm.....Confused
Just wait 'til your feedback gets dinged from May onwards, if this gives you grief.

There is no reason on earth why buyers should care about our DSR's, feedback or reputation.

Some know for sure that the so called commitment to buy on winning is not worth the electrons used to illuminate your monitor screen.

The whole scene relies on honest unbiased caring buyers and sellers and it doesn't need many bad ones to upset it all.

Long live the revolution . . . . or is that just spin Smile
Overall I'm pretty happy with my DSRs (so far).
But a newbie just gave me a neutral because her item 'smelled a little smoky'. I live with bikers for goodness sake, they smoke & so do I and it says so in all my listings...nobody reads anymore, and new members just don't know any better.

JeffS I'll try & find some numbers for ya...I haven't been around in awhile Smile
Originally posted by member_8880:
Overall I'm pretty happy with my DSRs (so far).
But a newbie just gave me a neutral because her item 'smelled a little smoky'. I live with bikers for goodness sake, they smoke & so do I and it says so in all my listings...nobody reads anymore, and new members just don't know any better.

I'd be happy with those DSR numbers you have too. They're very high. But don't you feel like a 2nd class citizen since you're not an elitist (PS) and get no discounts? Don't you feel you deserve a discount given your feedback and DSR? Yea, thought so.

Regarding your "smoking disclaimer", yes, I see it, but you have it in much smaller type. I suggest you make it the same sized type as the rest of the listing and reword it slightly, also a different color as it blends into some of your background colors.

Oh, and people don't read. I've known that for years. There are quite a number of bidders who bid on picture only, and don't bother to read the listing.
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Hey there JeffS,

Oh yes, right after that I enlarged the font and put the word SMOKING in still probably won't work Smile
I just had a winning bidder tell me she won't be paying for the shirt she won (she'd been bidding it up all week) because she thought it was an XXL and it's only a L. It's just so annoying...can't anyone read anymore? (that's rhetorical). No one can be bothered it seems...I take so much time on the descriptions, and then end up wondering why I bothered Smile But still gonna keep to business as usual, for this 2nd class citizen Wink
Yep, mine also show as all 0.0

I guarantee you eBay has changed the API so that the data can no longer be obtained externally.

DSR Watch probably became too popular and/or too controversial for eBay, so they simply removed the ability for this site to fetch the data. I'll bet this has a lot to do with the Seller Dashboard being introduced soon. You're supposed to be able to view this data there, so why let anyone else have free access to it?

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