I have been off Auctiva since the beginning of August and just logged in yesterday and today for the first times to do some listings and I have the $9.95 account. I noticed today that it is still saying that my MAX used this month is the same MAX used last month for July of 5.84mb. I was very good in July of deleting as soon as an auction ended I deleted photos to the deleted folder so it would go down so when I added new ones it would not go over the 5.84mb. I had no new auctions thus far until today in August and I deleted all my photos since I had no active auctions going this morning when I logged on, all had sold. Point being, it never reset at the beginning of August, is anyone else having same problem, and how can I get this taken care of because I am fixing to do all my Fall, BTS, and Open end auctions? HELP! KT
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Hi KT,

Please file a support ticket so that our team can look into why the image space isn't resetting. I wouldn't be too concerned about your image hosting space right now--you are using so little of the 1 GB that you are allotted with the $9.95 plan that you shouldn't worry about somehow going over that and being charged any extra hosting fees.

1GB is approx. 10,000 images (if they're 100kb each). You are currently only using .5MB, so you still have 999.5 MB of space available (there's 1,000MB in 1 GB).

Hope that helps!
Hi Rebecca,
I searched Auctiva front, back, right and left yesterday before I put this on the forum to find a place to ask for technical help or customer service help and could not find it. All I could find in the help section was questions and premade answers. I must be an idiot because I have been on Auctiva for a long time now prior to the fee for service and I feel like a floundering minnow in a sea the size of Siberia. Since the fee for service change everything looks so different I can't find anything like before. My images are 2mb each and I use 5-24 per auction. I had gotten thrifty and started putting several on a page in print program but suddenly this month your upload program won't upload a photo more than 3.5mb so that isn't going to work anymore for me either. I can't clean up my photos like brighten or crop ahead of time because that makes the mb higher than the original and too big to upload. I wish I knew html then I could just implant them in eBay, but I don't so I guess I am stuck with crappy photos now. Anyway, please tell me how to file a ticket, because like I originally stated, I am in the process of organizing alot of items to list in the next two weeks that will have alot of photos in each listing and they will be 30 day listings or GTC listings so I won't be deleting the photos anytime soon unless the item sells.
Thanks for your help. Smile Mary
The File a Support case link is in the right hand column on the Help page.

In your photo editing program if you set the size to 1024 pixels width when you save it after making your color and brightness changes it should be around 1 meg or less.

When you upload your 2 megabyte images we're resizing them and they are likely only about .1 or .2 megs each. So 1 auction of 20 of your photos likely only takes 1-2 megabytes total.

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