When I have finished the listing if I click on "Save" or "post" the button goes dull, the top of the listing page grays out and the timer appears and stays until you shut the site down and then I have to re-enter the listing . if you select the "preview" or "schedule" the same thing happens. I sometimes put the listing in two or three times ,then it works.
I am getting tired of messing with it. Auctiva is awsome but it is so time consuming and frustrating that I might just go back to using eBay directly .

is there a simple solution and has it happened to anyone else?
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I have never seen this before, but one or two other folks have had the same problem. I would try changing browsers...for example, I always use IE for everything but lately I can't get into this 'community' section at all, so I use Firefox for this. Try something like this and see what happens Smile
I have to use IE on the listing and images, and I CAN'T log into the Community with FF.....so I have two browsers open.
I would prefer to use FF in the listing etc. area, but I have to use IE for Drag and Drop so I just use IE.... Roll Eyes which is easiest for overall.
I hope the save thing starts working for you....but do try both browsers. It really does sound like a computer or browser problem. Have you contacted "help" support?

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