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Am I the only one, or do others also now have NEGATIVE notifications numbers at the top of their Auctiva screen (the "event" numbers). Since yesterday they are all negative and make no sense at all. Yesterday my green number was in the 700-s. When I clicked on it, it turned to some 200 NEGATIVE and that number got progressively larger (smaller, actually) throughout the day... I've had maybe 30 listings go on eBay yesterday but now the green number is -1289!

Opened a case and Auctiva's reply was another classic:
"We have seen the issue of the negative number showing in the Notifications section in a couple other accounts and the details of the issue have been forwarded to our engineering team so it can be addressed with a future site update. I’m not quite sure when this issue may be resolved as of yet."

In other words, yes, we know this is happening,. but it really is not a priority to get fixed. WE'll get to it with a "future" site update and do not know WHEN that might be.
(Oh, and by the way, you still need to pay for your service, even though you only get half.)

WHY do I stay at this place. Anyone know a good alternative to Auctiva? All I use them for is scheduled listings. Don't care for the Auctiva store, window, hosting and all the other gizmos they offer and often break.

Don't post it here, because Auctiva-Jeff will delete the post, just PM me.
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Yes, I'm getting the same nonsensical negative numbers.

I think support is telling you they'll start taking a look at it Monday morning. It's not the kind of "system critical" issue that requires overtime work. Which is fair enough in my opinion since ultimately my fees pay the overtime! Smile

I can live with it. Not being able to list is far more critical.
Same here.. mine are really screwed up.

I will also write support, the more people they have with issues the more likely they are to realize it is not one or two people.

As far as deleting messages the only messages I have ever seen deleted are messages with competitors names and I do not blame them I would do the same exact thing. That would be like going to Walmart and handing out Target ads in their store. Walmart would not tolerate it.

I can assure you I have written some pretty nasty notes on here and NOT ONE has been removed.

If I were them I would remove quite a few of the notes, but they take the good, bad and ugly 99% of the time.

Lets face it, When the going is good they do not hear us bragging on their efforts for sure. We just keep on trucking. But when we complain we complain about every thing they have ever done.

NO I do not work for them, I get mad as heck at them and I am sure they do me. But we agree to disagree and keep on trucking.

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windmill.. thanks Smile it is not always there. I did plan to move on when they were apparently smoking the wacky weed (kidding auctiva and yes you can remove this) Smile and thought we would pay the fees they were hallucinating of getting.

I did try another company & immediately sent support request for something was not EXACTLY covered in their info. The answers 3 of them on same question never answered question and never even came close to it. I had a friend do same with different question same stuff. NOW they could have changed. . but that did me in. It then took 3 support requests to cancel the service.

I guess I compare ebay and auctiva and auctiva wins hands down every time!! Since ebay ignores everything in forums as well as the 25 requests I have out in emails for them. At least we get an answer from auctiva even if sometimes we are like "what the Heck!

I second Vickie's comment re openness of this forum.

Jeff & his Auctiva crew have edited or censored with a very light hand in the years I've been here. Only the most egregious or competitor-promoting posts seem to get edited or removed.

They also take any criticism right on the chin & respond here to it, rather than run away and hide.

So hats off to them.

Please write support as they are showing a couple of people, which would mean Windmill and I. That is a couple.. so if you are having this problem write on forums as well as note to support. I got back same form note he did.

I did write back mentioning that I find "future update" could be an open date and that we needed info. That we do not know what is going through and what is not the way it is now. And that we are getting in holidays.. asking for firmer ETA or see if Jeff or someone can get it for us.

IF you are having this problem, please write, . write, write don't assume that others will do this.

Another thought.. maybe we are only 3 or 4 still listing on ebay?? Big Grin


Yes, Virginia, we did have a code problem that was causing negative notification numbers for several (any is too many) accounts. We have now rolled out a fix to the site that the developer assures me has eliminated the negative count values and will prevent another negative count situation in the future.

Our apologies for the problem. We work hard to keep things running trouble free, but sometimes things do happen. When that occurs, our developers stop what they are doing and jump in to fix whatever the issue is.

We do appreciate the comments about us in the thread here...both the supportive and the critical ones. EB is right, we try to be very restrained in censoring posts on the forums. In fact, we only 'censor' posts that are clearly in violation of our forum policies, like posting links to competitors.

Try as hard as we might, we can't please everyone every time, and sometimes things have happened that caused us to get negative posts that we realized we truly deserved to get. That's what the forums are give you people who use our product a chance to help each other and also to vent if you are having a problem.

That's one of the things I think sets us apart. So, EB & Vickie, thanks for sticking up for us. And Windmill Trading, your post isn't going to be pulled down because a) you didn't break any rules, and b) because the problem you were talking about was one that we needed to act to get it fixed...which we have done.

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