New Custom Domain & Rebranding Pro Beauty Products!

Hi Elegante Beauty,

I have just been in to your store and taken a look around and have to say - I can't fault it. It has a very clean and simple look and feel.

The only thing that I could comment on is the behind the scene script.

I have been through a number of your product pages and can not see any meta keywords or description tags for items instore, also (I may need some one to correct me on this) but I think your meta keywords tag is wrongly written for your home page. On your home page you have written your tag:

<META name="Professional Styling Source by Elegante Beauty" content="Professional.......">

The 'META name' is the name of the tag and should be written:

<META name="keywords" content="list your keywords, separating each with a comma">
<META name="description" content="A brief but precise description of the page or item">

These can be corrected for your home page by going to your Dashboard -> Marketing -> Search Engine Optimization -> Meta Data & Google Integration.

META Tags can also be added to all of your product pages, enter your tags as above in the second to bottom box on each 'Edit Inventory Item' page. Try not to cram in huge ammounts of keywords - Search Engines don't like this and is often refferred to as 'Keyword Cramming' or 'Keyword Stuffing', try to include relative keywords for an item page that customers may use to search for that particular item.

You have some great items at good prices in a well thought out store, however, a lot of the items you have will no doubt be fairly common on the internet, you need to ensure you store is perfectly optimized so that search engines find you. To find out other tips and tricks for search engine optimization just google something like 'SEO Tips'.


If you click back a page to and start a new thread introducing your store you shall possibly get a little more feedback.

However, whilst I'm here, yet another great store with some, what I would guess to be fairly rare items - you should do well.

My only suggestion would be a couple of typos on the home page intro -

Hello! Welcome to CAMPBELL DIECAST MODELS, we are an internet sales store, selling mostly 1-43 scale, diecast model cars of......

Great store! Good luck!


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