Hi. I am new to this service and everything looks great. Love the templates and the image hosting. I've tried other sites and am wondering about the reliability here. Does the site ever go down? Is your auction info (pictures/descriptions) ever temporarily lost? Just hoping not!
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Hello and welcome -- no site can claim 100% uptime. So, at some point, Auctiva will experience a problem or two. All sites do. It's what a site does when they experience problems that sets them apart. Although, I haven't experienced any problems I cannot say they haven't happened or will happen. With that being said, Auctiva is very quick to address problems. They have great communicate and customer service. Unlike the last auction management service I was using. They had zero customer service and communication.

I feel, Auctiva is reliable, they offer fab customer service and communication. Their interface is very user friendly.

I think, you'll be pleased. Have fun. Smile
I have been using Auctiva for several months now. There have been a few problems, mostly with the image hosting going down, but they have been taken care of rather quickly. I have not had to file any support requests. I have posted about some problems here and while this isnt a board that states Auctiva can help you here, they always have.
I'm agree with Magie and Moody on this.

No site is perfect 100% of the time. I've been with Auctiva for four months and the few problems I've had have been few and far between. But when I have experienced problems the customer service dealt with it swiftly and courteously.

Customer Service is a huge deal to me...and Auctiva comes through with a five star rating on customer service.

Good Luck,
I also agree with all the above. I have saved a bundle in fees using Auctiva. Do I get frustated when there are problems...yes. But the Auctiva people get them taken care of rather quickly. Overall, a great service.

Think you're an organ donor? Not if you haven't told your family of your wishes.

I also agree, being a new seller I have noticed some glitches. I also noticed if I wait a little while they will go away. Meaning that the awesome staff at auctiva seems to care and take care of things quickly. There are SOME small things, that haven't gone away. But that could also be to USER error and they don't seem to slow me down to much at this point.


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