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I'm sorry to hear about your continue difficulties. As I mentioned in one of my previous replies, we are aware of an issue with the new Auctiva uploader that is causing the behavior you have described to occur for certain Mac users and we are working to implement an update to the uploader that will resolve the issue.

The company we licensed the uploader from has indicated that an update is available that should address the issue and our technical team is working to integrate that update into our site as soon as possible.

Although there are still some unknowns we need to work through at this point, I believe there is a good chance we will be able to get this update in place at some point next week. I'll keep you posted through this thread as any additional information becomes available.


We will not be offering account credits associated with the update to the uploader, but this particular issue is specific to the Firefox web browser on the Mac systems that are impacted so you should be able to work around the issue by using Safari for the time being.

Alternatively, as I touched on earlier, you can also continue to access the previous version of the uploader by logging into your account and entering into the Address bar of your browser if you would prefer.

Although accessing the previous version of the uploader in this manner will not allow you to use it when uploading from the lister page, it should allow you to upload images into your Auctiva account so they can then be selected from your Auctiva image archive while creating your listings.

If you are unable to use either of these options successfully, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team directly from under the “Help” tab and we will do our best to help you out.

Thank goodness this Community Forum gave me the answer I needed - someone suggested Safari for Mac users and that works, hooray!
I am compelled to add that the ONLY reason I have Firefox at all is because of an earlier problem with the Auctiva uploader. Safari was incompatible so I had to use Firefox.
It would've been nice if Auctiva told us they were changing the uploader and perhaps posted their "solutions" so we didn't lose so much valuable time fighting with it.
When I use the Auctiva up-load, it will upload one or some of the pictures, rarely all of them. Then when I check it out on eBay, sometimes no pics show up so then I have to go in and upload the pics to eBay. And how do we tell when and if the pics have been uploaded? There was a list in the old version that let you know if you were successful. But this!!!? I had 5 photos to upload and it took 4 times to get them all. Hating all this as my time is valuable. You too?
Almost 2 weeks and no resolution. I'm so frustrated. Yes I can use the old uploader but it's a pain in the neck when listing. I use Auctiva to save time not add additional burdens to the already cumbersome eBay listing process.

I have enjoyed using Auctiva up until now. I've been patient with this latest glitch but time is money. I don't want to, but I am going to start looking into other listing services that better support MAC users. Picture loading and hosting is too vital to my work to continue wasting my time going back and forth using the old picture uploader. I don't want to leave. I would rather you fix this! Hope you guys get this resolved in the next day or 2.
I realise I am quite fortunate in that the new uploader is actually working for me. Perhaps I shouldn't complain. But, why when something needs improving, must we lose the good aspects. For me, this system is very slow, compared to the old uploader. I used to highlight all the pics I wanted, then click upload. Job done. Now, I have to go through clicking on each picture. Not major, but slower and very irritating when we're all trying to speed up the listing process. Auctiva is usually very good at listening, so ... I'm hoping!
Hi grannie on ebay,

Fortunately, you should actually still be able to highlight multiple consecutive images so they can then be selected through the new version of the uploader, but the exact process you need to use is a bit different than the previous one.

In order to select a series of images, you will first need to highlight the first image by clicking the area surrounding the image (not the checkbox) and it will become highlighted. Then, you can highlight the rest by holding the CTRL and SHIFT keys and selecting the last image in the series in the same manner.

Once the series of images has been highlighted, you should be able to select all of them by clicking the box displayed to the upper left of any of highlighted images.

Hi Community,

As you may have read about through the Info message posted on our site, we just released another update to the Auctiva Uploader earlier today. Although you should not notice and major changes to the look and feel of the uploader as a result of this update, it includes some adjustments which we hope will resolve some of the issues you have reported.

Although we were previously under the impression this new version would completely eliminate the issue which has been causing the uploader to freeze when the “Upload” button it clicked, we are still seeing that behavior intermittently in testing so an additional update may be required to completely address that problem.

I will continue to keep you posted through this thread as any new information on that issue becomes available. If you notice any significant changes that arise as a result of this latest update, please don't hesitate to let us know.


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