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Dear Community,

A new image uploader is coming soon! Google is phasing out support for Java applications in their Chrome browser in the coming months. Since our current Auctiva Uploader is powered by a Java-based application, we had to build a new image uploader that will work across all browsers.

Today we’re excited to give you a sneak-peek at the new image uploader we’ve been working on! The uploader will allow you to select larger batches* of images to upload, drag-and-drop from desktop functionality, and, most importantly, no more need to constantly update Java/ActiveX to use it! The only requirement is that you have an up-to-date version of any modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 10+ or Safari.)

You will still be able to upload your images to folders, set them to auto-delete, choose their size and rotate or flip, plus we’ve added the ability to rename your images before uploading so you can find them easily on your Manage Images page.

We value your feedback, so please take a moment to check out the new uploader here (must be logged in to your Auctiva account first) and post your comments and concerns on this thread.

You will find that the new uploader looks very similar to the current Auctiva Uploader but operates slightly differently:

1. Click the Browse (in Firefox or IE) or Choose Files (in Chrome) button to get started when the new uploader appears.

2. Select the image(s) to upload:
To upload a single image, just double click to add it to the uploader;
To upload multiple images: Ctrl + click to select multiple images or Ctrl + A to select All images and press the Open button to add them to the uploader.

3. Once all of your selected images are moved to the Auctiva Uploader, the Upload button will be clickable, and when pressed, the upload process will begin.

4. Successfully uploaded images will be displayed at the bottom portion of the uploader.

5. You can choose more images to upload, or click the Done button to close the uploader.

Leave any comments or general feedback on this thread, as well as any issues you may experience when using the new uploader.

Thank you!


* The amount of images you will be able to upload in each batch will depend on several factors, including your image sizes, internet connection speed and your own system performance.
Original Post
Oddly enough right after I tried the new uploader last night my whole computer froze up ??

Anyway, at first I thought I LOVE security warnings, no constant Java updates (I must be at one million Java updates so far, lol). BUT...let me see if I can explain this... when my photo file came up it didn't come up 'inside' the uploader to be dragged or dropped. It came up as a whole page ON TOP of the uploader page with the only option being to click, then OPEN one at a time.

Did I miss a step?? I am afraid to try it again to be honest because it was too much of a coincidence freezing my computer like that. It took me hours to get it back to normal.

I'd appreciate any insight or suggestions Smile
Hi member_8880,

Thank you for giving this a test run! Yes, no security warnings/updates needed will be a HUGE improvement!

Can you let us know what version of Windows or other OS you are using, and with what browser? That'll help us pinpoint any wonkiness you may be seeing.

With this uploader the images are uploaded through your browser (not our internal tool), that is why when you click the browse or upload files button a separate window will open with your files from your computer, and not within our upload window (like the current uploader does.) You should be able to minimize the window that opens if it's taking too much space and crowding your view.

You can only drag and drop images from your desktop into the upload area (don't click "browse" or "choose files" button if you plan to upload that way).

The browser may crash if you try to upload a crazy large batch of images at the same time, but that all depends on the size of the images, and your internet speed, etc. There should be no other reason for it freezing up though. Could you try it again (when you can afford to take a break from listing) and just try to upload a few images?

Thanks so much for your feedback!
Good morning. I just uploaded photos using the new image uploader. It's similar to the Dropbox 'drag & drop' interface, making it familiar and easy to use. The only unusual aspect is when I dragged the photos over, I assumed they were automatically downloaded into the selected folder. But they weren't and required another 'download' step. To me, that's unnecessary and defeats the purpose of new and improved. Other than that, keep the improvements coming. Auctiva's interface is very clunky and could use some fresh time-saving upgrades.
I have waited so long to be able to upload pictures without having to keep updating JAVA. What you have developed is a real blessing. After failing to upload pictures for the last couple of weeks, I even considered dropping Auctiva. I have been with you for years, with no problems except the occasional JAVA update, so I delayed making any move away from you. This update comes at the perfect time. You have retained my business (maybe that's good for you? I know you are good for me). Simple to use, fast, accurate. Thank you a million times.
This is great!! Just did a drag & drop of 18 images into a test image folder on Auctiva. Worked like a charm. I have been using the "basic html uploader" because I don't want to risk the Java security vulnerability and Java was needed with Firefox. (Yeah, I'm a little paranoid). This Auctiva innovation makes uploads much easier for me. Thanks!!!
I tried it out and it was really easy. I didn't use the uploader on Firefox before because it would usually crash, so I could only use Chrome.
The new uploader worked on Firefox and no crashing.
Now, if you could add a feature on the listing page to rearrange the order of pics (when using enable optional images). I hate when I have to delete the pics to change the order.
Thanks for the new uploader.

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